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Manufacturing Update April 1, 2020

Manufacturing Update April 1, 2020

Folks good afternoon.

First, from our team to you, and your families, we hope everyone is staying safe, secure, and healthy.

Today’s update will be very brief covering color batches (in, out, upcoming and still out for plating), COVID19 items, packing delays, a few stock statuses, and of course the March Modness Tournament.

Redline Red is Back, and Octane Red is Out

The Redline Red Pearl came back in this morning. The team has jumped on those parts, and are banging out the final processes, before sending them to QC, then shipping.

We also sent some random pieces of Octane Red out to be wrapped up, and finished. These are orders which were still open prior to us shutting the color match down several weeks back.

Factory Color Match – Operational, but on Hold

The good news is our partner for the factory color match powder coat is up and operational. However, we are going to hold for the time being due to the situation ongoing in the nation with the Corona Virus prior to reintroducing the factory color match options.

The situation in our state is fluid. It’s literally day to day, and as of right now our business, and our vendor partners, are consider essential. This means we (and they) can operate, but that could change at anytime either from someone being exposed to the virus that would require us, or our partners, to shut down for self quarantine, or we are ordered to shut down by our state.

As such, it would be irresponsible on our part to take orders for new finishes right now. We will be sending out the remainder of the Jazz Blue, F8 Green, and Redline Red Pearl Coat and those orders will be on Friday, April 3rd’s update.

Rest assured family, as soon as things resume to normal we will open up the color match finishes again. We will be launching B5 Blue in that mix too (yes we heard you).

Standard Red Goes Tomorrow

We will be sending parts to anodize (plating) tomorrow. Red will be going out definitely. Friday’s update will reflect those orders going out for that finish.

As mentioned before, every thing is fluid, day to day, so we may have other finishes going too. We just await word from our plater on what he is ready for us to send up.

Color Batches Still Out

The following finishes are still out and due back any day:

  • Copper all (matte, machine and liquid) from 3/10
  • Matte Red from 3/12
  • Black from 3/20
  • Titanium from 3/27
  • Yellow from 3/27
  • Polish from 3/27

As soon as we get these batches back in we will update you, and jump on the items to get them assembled, and shipped, asap.

COVID19 – Staggered Shifts and More

As mentioned in the past couple of updates, we are working in staggered shifts right now. Five on in the morning, and five on in the afternoons to keep social distancing in our work place.

We are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our teammates including deep cleaning between shifts. We subsequently are loosing 6 hours of production time per day because of these limitations, and curfews, that are in place.

Slight Shipping Delays

We may be a few days behind from packaging your order after it comes in to accounting, to charge out any remaining balances, and into shipping because of our spread out in man power.

We kindly ask for your patience, but be assured if you see your order has charged out in full, and you are in ready to ship status, you will ship within 3-5 days. When in doubt please do call us.

No Visitors Please

Team BT is suspending all local pickups, and visitor tours, until June 1st. If you are local, and arranged for a local pickup, or placing an order and wanting to do a local pickup, just call us (561.582.6171) we will waive the shipping cost, and ship your items free of charge to you.

Satin Catch Cans

Satin catch cans are shipping within 5-7 days of ordering. We pushed that from the 3-5 days now due to the staggered shifts. Remember if you see your order has moved to ready to ship status we will have it out within 3-5 days.

Coolant Tanks Sold Out

We did run out of the coolant tanks covers over the weekend. We have ordered material to come in the week of April 20th, and we will start the next run immediately.

Valve Covers

Valve Cover material has been pushed back by our material supplier with a new ETA to deliver the week of April 27th.

Unfortunately this is out of our control, and we may experience delays on larger drops of material until the current pandemic begins to ease. We will of course keep you all posted, and informed.

March Modness Bracket Tournament

The March Modness Bracket Tournament will begin tonight. There are 1,515 entires. Just wow! Thank you all truly.

The first brackets will be going live on the Billet Tech Facebook and Instagram pages at 8:00 P.M Eastern Time tonight.

We are absolutely blown away by how many folks filled out a bracket card, and also continued to support our team with your orders during these uncertain times.

We shall always, and forever, remain grateful, and humbled, by your support, and trust.

Team BT is Here for You

Family we are in it together with you. We are here for you. We will be here to answer your phone calls during our normal business hours 6:00 A.M. until 3:30 P.M.

We know some of you just want to talk, or plan future mods, or just want to vent about something. We are here with you.

Need to email us or have an issue you need us to work with you on during these stressful times? Head on over to our handy Contact Page and send that email on in. We will reply within 24-48 hours.

Continue to remain safe, and healthy. We will return Friday with a fresh update, or as needed, if developments warrant.


Team BT




Batches Back From Color/Finish

Orders Back from Redline Red Pearl April 1st, 2020

Order # Notes
96737 fuse box
96889 / 97764 all items
96995 throttle body cover
97208 / 97216 all items
97299 all items
97433 all items
97700 all items
98319 all items
98344 all items
98650 all red line red items
98789 all items
98845 all items
98867 all items
98920 all items



Batches Out to Color/Finish

Orders Out to Octane Red April 1st, 2020

Order # Notes
95033 hood shock covers
96989 hood shock covers and coolant tank
96991 coolant tank
97179 all items
97247 washer cap only
98342 all items
98387 all octane red items



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