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Manufacturing Update February 4th, 2016

Manufacturing Update February 4th, 2016

Welcome February BT Nation! The long winter days of January have ended before you know it summer car shows and race season will be here. As always we appreciate you and the support you show our team. Please know we are working hard for you and we are here to help answer questions and take your feedback.

Lets get started on whats up here at Billet Tech:

We have most of those big sale orders out the door now, and the last bits are in final process with the exception of hood prop covers and some random customs that Nick Billet is finishing up now. We have been shipping partial orders out for those folks that ordered other products beside the hood props covers.

The hood prop covers were one of the biggest sellers during the holidays and we appreciate your patience if your kit did not ship out yet. We know we have pushed the manufacturing time line out on this a few times since December and we do apologize. We always keep one lathe dedicated to the continual production of catch cans, and our second lathe has been tied up on non Billet Tech business for most of December and January. We will have a machine free the week of February 22nd after we finish that business and will begin manufacturing those kits. The material is here. Please be assured we will be getting on those ASAP as soon as we finish that current business discussed here.

Trunk prop covers are on indefinite hold for the time being. Please give us a call to discuss if you have questions we only have 6 open orders all Paypal orders are refunded and credit cards are not charged.

Speaking of lathes, our catch can’s are just flying out of the facility as quickly as we make them and we make lots of them every single day and we are continually sending them out for colors and polish each week. We are working extra hard to keep up with current demand for our customers and private label bulk order clients world wide. We know you have choices many of them direct knocks off’s right on down to the exact appearance of our product and we appreciate you standing by as we get that inventory replenished. At least through the end of February when you order a satin catch can it maybe up to a two week wait to ship as we tell you in the product description. Color and polish cans will stay on the 20 business day lead-time or sooner.

Speaking of catch cans we know several of our customers who ordered red cans in November and December you are still waiting. We had a problem with the red that came in early January and it did not pass quality control. We made every effort to those affected and most all of our customers after seeing the pictures agreed that they wanted to wait for a new batch to come in. We have started to receive those can’s back now and also orders right on in through January and we have them in assembly and releasing into shipping daily and will have all orders cleared up and shipped by the end of the month. We do appreciate your patience and support.

We are currently out of stock on all style fuse box covers. We are manufacturing those now and also the group buy 2005-2007 model years are being run too. We will be fully restocked the week of February 15th, and will begin shipping machined satin covers starting the week of February 22nd. Color and polish will start to ship again later this month and into early March. If you are interested in the group buy on the 2005-2007 fuse box covers we should have between 3 and 5 left over after the run. We have kept this item up still for anyone else who may want to get on board as it is easy to get more stock in to the facility while we are in manufacturing. We will remove that from the site as a for sale item though sometime within the next week of the date of this update.

Hellcat ABS Covers are also being completed with all satin machine finish covers starting to ship in the next 7-10 days. Color and polish will begin shipping at the end of the month until all backorders are filled and we will have inventory in blanks ready to to for all orders moving forward now. Thank you so very much for your patience and support.

We have several folks who have PCV Covers on order. We are manufacturing those now. Satin machine finish will begin shipping within the next two weeks and all color and polish covers will be out for finish the week of February 22nd. All orders coming in now will be on lead-times as indicated in the product description.

We understand Park Lock Outs have been out of stock for a while. We just have not had time to get them in to machine yet, but will do so towards the end of the month and have inventory that will run us deep into summer again. Thank you for your patience and support.

3MM Hub centric Spacers will be running those at the end of the month as well and all back orders will be shipped immediately afterwards. We will also have inventory on this product to last us through the upcoming summer mod season.

We have several under hood caps that are out of stock right now. Those include power steering kits, power steering caps, washer fluid caps and devo style strut covers. We are making more now You guys have just been fantastic with the support of these complete under hood kits and products for under the hood. We are selling everything like crazy here and lots of custom orders; for this we thank you. We should remain on lead-time in so far as color and polish goes and slightly behind two weeks on satin. Please call if you have any questions.

Door lock kits are sold out and will be making more in early March. We do have everyone covered through January 29th.

Door sill plates are machined and orders are being customer engraved now. This was a special Nick Billet Group Buy over on his Facebook page. Send him a friend request to see what other exclusives he is up to.

As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns we are here for you just reach out and let us know what we can do.

The individual product stock statuses will be updated by Friday morning in the “availability” section of the parts we are taking a complete inventory again now in preparation for spring mod season. Thanks again for your support and trust.

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