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Manufacturing Update January 12, 2016

Manufacturing Update January 12, 2016

Good afternoon BT Nation and a Very Happy New Year. We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and you are refreshed and ready to go for 2016. We must always start by saying THANK YOU. A very sincere thank you for your support. The holiday season here at our facility was a record breaker you guys and gals just didn’t stop with the support and we are simply blown away.

Please be assured we are working hard to get your orders filled and shipped. We have a lot of stuff here in the facility and we are engraving and manufacturing as quickly as possible. The bulk of the orders now in the process of wrapping all under hood kits that are not custom. All of the individual products in the store are all up to day on stock status as well.

Lead Times

Please keep in mind during the holidays that Team BT lost approximately 3 weeks due to holiday shut downs for plate and powder coat and will be caught up before the end of January and back on our standard lead-times (please insert the link to our lead-time info).  

We will continue to do short quick production runs on our products all through this month until we can really start to fully restock in February. This will allow us to fill current orders and try to stay within our lead-times. We are still into the extended lead-time phase that is spelled out on our website and will continue that way at leasts through the week of January 25th. If your order has not yet shipped we expect the bulk of the orders through December 31st to be gone by the end of January.

Custom Engraves

All custom orders such as custom images Nick Billet is plowing through them daily please keep your eye on your inbox if you have a custom order and add nick@billettechnology.net to your contacts so you don’t miss a thing from him. If you call and ask for Nick he can tell you exactly where you are in the queue and give you an ETA.

Under Hood Kits & Partial Shipments

We have just shy of 500 kits wrapping up and in various stages of completion. We are shipping partial shipments on some orders, yet we are waiting to ship on some because we know that one or two pieces are close to completion whereby we can ship the whole order. If you are looking for the most current up to date information as it relates to your order please give us a call so we can get you an ETA and help communicate with you for all the latest and greatest as it relates to your specific order.

Now lets go over the items that are not in stock and an ETA on the next manufacturing run:

3MM Hub-Centric Spacers

We will be running these again at the end of January. We apologize for the bump in production we just can’t free one of our lathes up at the moment due to catch can demand and contract work that is not Billet Tech related.

Park Lock Outs

Bump to late February for production and then delivery.

Unistrut Covers

Next manufacturing run will be late the week of January 18th.

PCV Covers

Next manufacturing run will be late the week of January 18th.

Hood Prop Covers

Next manufacturing run will be the week of January 25th.

Oil Dipsticks (classic style)

Manufacturing now will start to ship the end of this week colors approximately 10-14 days out.

GTO catch cans

We have cans but we are out of mounts we will be running mounts in early February.

6.1 Oil Caps

In manufacturing now. Satin will ship in two weeks color and polish end of January.

Coil Pack Covers

Material on order will be in early second week of February. Production will begin then and we will start delivery in mid February. If you have other items on order with your coil pack covers we are shipping those to you.

2012-2016 Jeep and Durango Catch Can Mounts

Cans in stock mounts manufacturing week of January 25th. Delivery to start late in the week of January 25th. We are trying to move some stuff around to get these in sooner but the amount of under hood kits in engraving we have 2 of our four mills on those alone right now we are hoping to free up our middle machine later this week to put some production in.

2005-2007 Fuse box covers for Charger, Magnum and 300

The group by minimum has been met. That will close on January 15th. Material will be ordered late the week of January 18th. Delivery will start by the 3rd week of February.

08-10 Charger as well as 08-14 Challenger Fuse Box Covers

We have received all colors back from plate however, many of those have been rejected for poor finish. We sent those back to the plater for strip and re-plate and will hopefully get those back to start engraving next week. Some covers passed QC and have moved into the engrave queue and some have shipped. Call if you have any questions.

We always appreciate you and thank you for your support. If we can answer any questions, or help you with anything please email us or give us a call. Are you visiting South Florida? Stop in and see us we would love to have you for a visit.

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