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Manufacturing Update January 6, 2020

Manufacturing Update January 6, 2020

Good afternoon everyone, Happy New Year, and welcome to the first MFG Update of 2020.

A December to Remember

First our Team wants to thank you for an amazing Holiday Season. You guys and gals blew the doors off here in December, making it our best December ever on record here at the facility.

Super humbled, and thankful, for all your trust, and support, even more so after coming off the People’s Sale in November. This is why we say “Thank you never seems enough” at times, and why we will always give back into, what all of you, generously put into our team with your purchases and support.

Team BT is Full Steam Ahead

If you followed along with the updates from December you know our vendor partners were closed for the holidays during the last week of December, and came back to work on the 2nd of January. Things will be ramping up again now the we have the holidays behind us, and are full steam ahead in to 2020.

People’s Sale Orders

The vast majority of The People’s Sale Orders are in final stages of completion. They are either waiting to come back from color, or in our shop completing any final processes before heading to shipping, while a lot of orders have already shipped! The only exception is the big coolant tank and hood strut covers.

Hood Strut Covers

Satin hood strut covers are shipping now, and we will be sending all the parts for back orders out for color and polish this month, so we can get those completed, and shipped to you.

We have plenty of inventory moving forward on this product again too. For the second year in a row this was the number one selling product of the holiday season! Thank you everyone.

Coolant Tank Covers

The big coolant tank covers from the holiday orders will also start to ship this month. We will be building inventory to have on the shelf moving forward into the new year. This is always a big, big, seller here, and Team BT appreciates all the support.

It really is worth the wait on this piece, its a magnificent piece of sculpted, precision machined aluminum. We are going to be running wave two on the new machine we took delivery on in December, which is a great way to break that equipment in!

Catch Cans

Satin catch cans ordered from December 21st through January 1st will be out the door, and on the way to you guys and gals this week. We will be back on the 3-5 day turnaround or sooner by mid next week. We took a boatload of orders over Christmas, and New Years so the team is busy in assembly now getting them together, and packaged to go out.

Need your can shipped the next day after you order? Just let us know in the order comments, when checking out, or when placing your order over the phone with one of our teammates, and we will get that handled for you.

Inventory Update

Just a quick inventory update for you guys and gals on what we are out of stock on, currently manufacturing, or preparing to manufacture.

Coil Pack Covers:
These will start manufacturing Wednesday of this week. Satin orders will ship in approximately two weeks, and colors will start to ship later into the month until all back orders are filled. We are building enough to not only fill the holiday orders and replenish inventory moving into the new year.

Hellcat and Demon Oil Dipsticks:
HC/Demon Dipsticks are sold out. We are shipping partial orders, less your oil dip stick, and will send those along as we replenish inventory, and get product back from finishes. These will be on a machine sometime late next week, or early the following week.

Washer Fluid Caps:
Washer caps (all styles) are on the machine now. We sold out of the 2005-2010 in mid December, and tapped out on the 11 and up styles during Christmas and New Years week. Booth versions are running now. We will be replenished early next week, and will start sending colors and polish out then.

Radiator Cap Covers and Hellcat/Demon Supercharger Covers:
These sold out during Christmas and New Years week as well. Material will be in later this week. This run will replenish our inventory so we can fill the December orders, get those satin machined finished orders out, colors out to our plater, and powder coater here in the next week also.

Throttle Body Covers:
TB covers for 2005-2012 vehicles are sold out. We have all orders covered with the exception of just two orders. We won’t be putting those on the machine until the end of this month. This is one of those situations where the demand is low, and we have to prioritize what we run at the moment.

Hellcat and Demon Water Necks:
These are sold out. Material is ordered, and we will pop those on a machine here in the next 2 weeks or so. Satins will ship be the end of the month, color and polish will ship in February until all back orders are filled.

Hellcat and Demon Supercharger Coolant Reservoir Covers

Last cover sold over the weekend. All orders are covered through January 4th. We will run these again later this month stay tuned the MFG Updates as we narrow in the exact run time on these again

Valve Covers

If you are looking at doing a set of our valve covers you can call us or place your order on line. We will not be charging any deposits, or taking any funds, until we order material sometime in February. This will be the last run on those, and then we will retire them, once more, to the BT Vault.

Color Matched Factory Finishes

Color matched items will see a major improvement on turn around times in the first quarter of this year. Our partner is ramping up to take on more of our work. The lead-times on color match factory finishes has been painfully long, but that will be ending this quarter as we wrap up current business first. Once we get the thumbs up from our vender parter, we will look to expand on the factory match color options. These finishes are well worth the wait, and we appreciate all of you who have been so very patient when ordering these colors.

Update On Color Batches Currently Out

Orange & Matte Orange are Back

We have received the orange and matte orange back from plate this afternoon and will dig into those orders and get them completed and shipped out to you here in the next seven to 14 days. Check the table below to find that your order has come back in from the batch we sent out on December 9th.

Black Batch from Dec. 5th

Family don’t panic the black from December 5th is wrapping up this week, and coming back to us. That was a massive batch that went out with, yes, several thousand unique pieces being plated. The bulk of those orders were from The People’s Sale. We will update you all as soon as we have that back in our facility.

Yellow & White

We also will be seeing the yellow and white back in here later this week as well. These are the two batches our powder coater mixed up, and had to redo for us from December 18th. We will update you as soon as those items are back in the shop, and the team gets those pieces knocked out, wrapped up, and shipped.

Octane Red & Destroyer Grey

Octane red, as well as Destroy Grey from December 12th will be completed by our supplier partner, and coming back in to the shop by the middle of the month too. Stay tuned to the MFG Updates here, or give us a call for any additional information.

Next Batches Out

By the end of the week we will have a large batch of parts heading to plating and powder coating. The team will get the washer caps, and radiator caps off the machines by mid week, prior to the batches going to color and polish.

The first colors that will be going out will be standard black, standard red, along with blue, and matte blue. Expect to see those on the next update (January 10th or sooner).

How BT Handles Payments

Finally a word on payments for any newbies that have joined the BT family over the holidays.

On your invoice copy is a Help/FAQ Section that gives you details about how you paid for your order, as well as a whole host of other links that you may find useful. This information is also in the footer links at the bottom of our website.

Because BT is a unique company offering highly customizable products, we strongly suggest potential customers review how we do business prior to ordering anything, for anyone. A small amount of due diligence on how we operate prior to placing an order will help you know what to expect.

30% Deposits, Credit Cards & Disputes

A 30% deposit on all color items will be taken within two business days of placing your order, if you are paying with a credit card. We send you a friendly email reminder that we are charging the deposit.

The balance is charged upon completion of your order, when its ready to ship.

If you are uncomfortable with this arrangement, simply reach out to us, at any time, and we will work with you.

Disputes filed, prior to reaching out to BT will result in us canceling your order.

Trust works both ways. All we as is for you to allow us a chance to respond to/address your concerns. If for whatever reason we miss an email, call us. Get the voicemail? Leave that call back number.

Communication is something our team strives to be 100% on point with even if it’s bad news. So please help us, help you, by simply talking to us. You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.


If you paid with PayPal that is an instant payment. Concerned about that? Reach out to us. We are here to work with you.

With the number of questions regarding payments, we felt we needed to put these reminders up here again. It seems many of you did not read the Help/FAQ Section of your emailed invoice copy, or checked out the links on the Thank you Page after check out.

In Closing

That’s going to do it for this the first update for 2020.

Thank you all again for allowing us to be part of your ownership experiences. If you have questions, concerns, comments or just want to say hey? Hit the Contact Page link where you can send along an email, find our phone numbers, hours of operation, and visiting hours. All times are eastern standard time.


Team BT




Batches Back from Color/Finish

Orders Back from Orange (Standard & Matte) January 6th, 2020

Order # Notes
96805 all items less coolant tank that is in mfg
96809 raditoar cap cvoer, high pressure a/c port cap, oil cap
96827 fuse box cover
96846 fuse box cover
96871 all pieces less dip stick that is in mfg we will ship that a few weeks later and ship a partial of the rest of the pieces
96894 all pieces less dip stick that is in mfg we will ship that a few weeks later and ship a partial of the rest of the pieces
96943 catch can
96948 all items
96979 all items in orange
97122 all items
97191 under hood kit less oil dipstick, and uni-strut covers. Hood props in mfg. We will ship you a partial shipment
97213 all pieces less dip stick that is in mfg we will ship that a few weeks later and ship a partial of the rest of the pieces
97384 all items less coolant tank cover and hood props both are in mfg
97688 strut covers only. Hood prop covers in mfg
97775 all items
97847 all items
97855 all items
97521 all items



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