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Manufacturing Update July 3, 2013

Manufacturing Update July 3, 2013

Friends summer is in full swing and we must always open up our updates with these words: Thank you!  Thank you for your support and your trust.  I know you have heard us say this many times but please be assured we do not take that trust for granted.  Your BT Team works hard every day to be sure that we do not break that bond.

With that said mod season is in full swing and we have an important update for you guys and gals on product availability and delivery schedules.  Please remember to continually check back in the Manufacturing Updates Section here on the site for weekly to semi-weekly manufacturing updates.  All info presented here is subject to change therefore, we will be keeping everyone advised on what’s shacking on the shop floor.

The products listed in this write up also our our most steady moving items.  If have interests on products not listed in this update you can view availability and lead-times right within the product itself.

GTO/G8 Customers

July is your month!  Much of our machine time will spent manufacturing your items (we have already started production).  We understand trust is a delicate thing, more so with our GTO clients based on prior experiences with the company that handled our parts in the past.

GTO/G8 Parts Shipping in July

  • Satin under hood items
  • Satin carpet clips
  • Satin catch cans

Colors will begin to ship in August (outside chance some will go in late July as well).

There is still time to place an order for GTO items on this current run off offerings.  Visit the GTO Section right here for products that you can still order Billet Technology Pontiac GTO Parts.

We will keep these offerings up thru July 31st.  In mid August we will bring back more GTO items so please stay tuned.

Catch Cans

Catch can’s are continually shipping daily from the shop.  We are running about 5-7 days to ship your satin catch can (excludes weekends).  Assembly is moving smooth but we are running into a bottle neck in deburr.  Additional interns are starting at the shop ton July 8th to help speed out secondary ops for packaging and shipments.

Color and polish catch cans we are pretty much staying on point lead-time wise at 20 business days.

If you are getting a non Billet Tech logo’ed catch can your can will be classed in at our usual 4-6 week lead-time because it is a custom.  If you are a customer of one of our distributors and are getting a can that is not engraved with the BT logo you are going to be looking at that same lead-time 4-6 weeks to ship (customs).

We keep 10% of our allotted production run strictly for custom engraves and those are done each month during the 3rd week of the month.  Therefore, some of you guys and gals will see a quicker turn around and some will see a longer turn around this is based strictly on timing.

Wheel Center Caps

We have very limited stock on both 2″ and 2.5″ center caps.  Please give us a call to inquire about getting a set if you need a kit right away.  Unfortunately due to commitments beyond our control we have to move manufacturing of center caps back until early August 2013.

Important note for customers with orders in thru July 1, 2013 we do have your orders covered.  If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call we are here to help.

Water Necks

We are completely out of stock on water necks all styles.  We do have them partially machined however, we had to break into this run to put a spares order in (non BT).  If you have an order in thru June 26th we will fill your order within our standard lead-times.  If you ordered after June 26th we will begin delivery again starting in early August 2013.

Under Hood kits and all individual under hood parts that make up the kits (Chrysler, Dodge Jeep)

We are extremely low on all the parts that make up complete under hood kits.  If you have an order in thru July 2, 2013 we have you covered.  We should be able to cover all incoming orders also thru the July 4th weekend.

Supplies will be limited now thru early August as we will not be able to begin a full ramp up on those parts production wise until sometime in early August.

Your best bet here is to give us a call if you are a new customer coming interested in individual parts or a full kit.  The production dates will fluctuate on this items as we fulfill prior manufacturing obligations for non BT clients.

Dodge Challenger Beverage Deletes

We have a very limited supply of beverage deletes in stock.  If you are interested in a set give us a call for details on what we have as it can and will change daily. Due prior manufacturing commitments (non BT) our next production run has been pushed back to late July 2013 with delivery to begin second week of August 2013.  These dates can fluctuate so please do not hesitate to check in with us via phone or email for the latest and greatest.

Throttle Body Covers 2013 & UP

2013 and up owners we are out of stock on your throttle body cover.  We are in manufacturing now on those however delivery will not start until sometime in late July. This may change so give us a call if you have any questions.  Most folks who have an order in thru June 23rd are covered.  If you ordered one after June 23rd then you will ship in early to mid August all finishes.

Sill plates all sizes all vehicles

We are moving sill plates like crazy the past couple of months and are low again!  Just when we bump up production based on demand it does not seem enough.  Approximately 70% off all sill plates are now custom orders and we thank you for the opportunity!

Challenger sill plates we have plenty of stock.

Charger, 300, Jeep, and Magnum sill plates we are on short supply.

Next manufacturing run will be in early August 2013 so give us a call if you have any questions regarding our sill plates.  We are here to help and assist.

Challenger Cup Holder Bezels

We are completely sold out on Challenger cup holder bezels.

Next run will be early to mid August 2013.

We do have some folks on back order and folks covered who ordered thru mid June.  We do have one order from mid April that is finishing up now also.  If you have any questions regarding this product just give us a call or shoot us an email.

Fuse Box Covers 2005-2007

Thank you for the strong support in helping us bring back the 2005-2007 fuse box covers.  Manufacturing will begin late July with delivery thru August 2013.  Order your cover now to be sure you get one.
We will stop all orders for the 05-07 style covers on July 31, 2013

Strut Covers all styles

Both style Strut Covers covers are running.  We will begin shipping satin starting late the week of July 8th and into the following week. Color & polish will start late July. We know we are back ordered pretty far with a lot of our current customers and we are reaching out to folks that are past lead-time now.  We apologize for the being so tardy on these two products. Prior manufacturing orders non BT related have kept our lathe department tied up.  Thanks for your patience while we restock and get back on track.

We are in our summer rush now so even on products where we have inventory on hand standard lead-times apply we could very well see a 10-15 days push back during this peak.

This about sums it up in so far as the items that are currently low on stock or completely out of stock.  Once again if you don’t see the product you order listed here then we are on point lead-time wise or very close to it give or take.

You can find details about these products and all of our other offerings regarding stock status and lead-times right in the product descriptions.

You can also give us a call or email us for quick and timely service.  Please be sure if you email us and you don’t hear from us as stated in the auto-reply to call in so we can help.

Thanks again from your friends at Billet Tech!

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