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Clear Catch Can Bottoms Are BACK!

Clear Catch Can Bottoms Are BACK!

You asked for them, and BT listened! The Clear Composite Billet Technology Catch Can Bottoms are BACK!! Redesigned, and better than ever. Now you can keep an eye on the oil level in your catch can without removing the bottom… not to mention they just look cool.

We love ’em, and think you will too. The feedback from customers and the BT faithful has been overwhelming.

The Billet Tech Catch Can slows down and filters oil that may end up in the intake and combustion chambers. Oil in the combustion chamber could lower octane ratings that may cause your automobiles computer to sense knock/KR. This may cause a decrease in performance. The Billet Technology Catch Can helps decrease the symptoms of the scenarios described. So as you can see, the Billet Tech Catch Can not only looks good as stated, but performs flawlessly.

Thank you all for your continued support and ideas.


Currently unavailable.

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