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Lone Star Mopar Fest
Heidi Sends Burleson to SpringFest - without supervision....

Last year Heidi invited me to join them on their trip to SpringFest. I was stoked to say the least. I never thought I’d make it out to attend a SpringFest, just seemed like an event I’d have to watch from afar. Well after missing my flight last year, I did finally make it to SoCal and it was a total blast. I got to meet some longtime friends, who I doubted I’d ever meet face to face, and of course, their Mopars.

Well this year, I asked Heidi if we were gonna go again. She told me that BT was too slammed this year and wasn’t gonna make the trip. I could tell Heidi was bummed, and as our conversation took a few tangents (we’re both ADD, so tangents are a natural part of our conversations) and ended up back onto the topic of SpringFest. Heidi asked me “You wanna go to SF this year for BT?” “Hell yeah I wanna go!” I replied.. to which Heidi told me to go ask my wife… (Heidi knows the routine.)

So needless to say, Gretchen told me to go, and I’m going. I’m gonna journal this trip via Twitter, Facebook and of course the Billet Tech site. In getting some of the graphics set up and ready, I ran across all of the images I took last year (just under 1,000 pics). Some of which you’ve seen in the BT ads, graphics and other media. Some, you haven’t.

So, I’ve spent the last few weeks going back through the shots, cleaning them up and getting them all sorted. From now through Friday when I depart from my connecting flight in Houston to SoCal, I’ll be launching an assortment of galleries, from SF7.

To kick off the “Lost Galleries” ramp up to SF8, I’m gonna start with BT’s trip to USW. This is just a handful of the images I took while at USW, and Heidi, Dan and Nick said no shots of them eating, so those fell to the cutting room floor.

See you SoCal suckas!!

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