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BT Update June 2012

Billet Tech Updates June 13, 2012

Gang, we understand its been just over a month since we last updated you on whats happening at the shop.  We apologize for the delay, and have quite a bit of news to share with you today.

First we would like to welcome Cody to the BT Team.  Cody is serving as an apprenctice in our shop this summer, and looks to stay on full time even after he starts college in the fall.  Cody’s has picked up very quickly here at the shop and you will be seeing some of his work on future parts here in the shop.  Welcome aboard Cody!

We are running pretty smoothly in the shop with most items shipping within the 20 business day lead-time on color or polish.  We thank you again for your support and trust, as we work towards filling your orders in a timely fashion without compromising quality in the process.

Without delay here are the products that we are out of stock or have limited quanities of:

  • Radiator Cap Covers are sold out.  We are running them again on June 14th.
  • Dip Sticks are sold out.  We are running them again on June 18th.
  • Transmission Cap Covers our stock in low.  We will replensih and run them again the week of June 25th.
  • 2011 and up Fuse Box Covers are running and will begin to ship again on June 20th.
  • Fender Brackets for Catch Cans are running.  Shipments will begin again starting June 18th.
  • Coil Pack Covers for the 2nd quarter 2012 are shipping.  We have limited stock from this run so please call to inquire about availability.  If you placed an order for the 2nd quarter run your coil pack covers are shipping daily.
  • Valve Covers are running the week of June 25th.  This will be the last run of 2012.  This product will no longer be for sale and go to a sign up sheet only after this new run sells out.
  • Window switch kits are no longer for sale on our site, however we do have some limited stock left.  Please call to inquire.
  • Charger, Magnum, and 300 Door Sills are very low on stock.  We will run and replenish stock in mid July.  This includes both front and rear sills.
  • Challenger Door sills are sold out.  We will be running them again on June 22nd with delivery to begin again in early to mid July.
  • T-Handle Shifters are sold out and running again on June 22nd.  Delivery to begin in July all styles including designer series.
  • Pistol Grip shifters are low on stock.  Please call with any questions.
  • Raptor Grips are for sale again and will run on June 22nd.  Once sold out this product will go back to the sign up sheet.
  • 2008-2012 Shift inserts all styles are on a material hold.  Material purchased in early May has been rejected.  We are awaiting a new shipment of sheet stock.  Customers with outstanding orders on these products are being contacted via email to discuss options.
  • Challenger Change Covers/Control Panels we have very low stock.  Next run will be mid July.  Please call if you have any questions
  • 2005-2007 Control Panels we have very low stock.  Next run will be mid July.  Please call if you have any questions.

We have several new products launching this summer so please keep an eye out for more good stuff.

Finally we are very pleased and excited to let you all know that real time status updates by line item within your orders is being coded right now.  We have listened very carefully to your comments regarding your desire to know the various stages of your order as it goes thru the production process here at our shop.

Instead of the dreaded “processing” that you normally see when you log into your account and check your orders, you will now be able to see the various stages that your order is in.  If you ordered only one product you will be able to see the progress thru the shop floor.  If you ordered multiple items you will be able to see the various stages that each item is in, be it in production, at plate, in inspection or waiting for a custom rendering.  There are over 10 steps that take place here when you place an order with us and now you will be able to see exactly what is going on, very much like a planing board if you will.  Each time your order or items within your order has a status change you will be notifed via an automatic email.

These exciting new features will also allow us to keep on track and pin point bottlenecks allowing us to reach out to you all before a fire starts.

Another cool feature that is coming as part of the build out of the website is that you will now be able to communicate with us right within in your order.  You will be able to login to your account, choose your open order(s) click the order and write us any notes or questions you have about that particular order.  No more opening up your email program.  This will be done right inside your order, keeping essentially a written record of your questions, change orders, custom art work approval, returns, and any other various comments right inside the order itself.  We will have the ability to communciate with you in this fashion as well!  All communcation back and fourth will be date stamped too.

Part of our job here at the shop is not just providing you all a top quality product, but is also requires us to evolve and better our cusotmer service to you. We realize the biggest issues you have had with us is knowing exactly what is going on with your order.  We are very hopeful the changes and code being written right now will not only help us communciate with you better, but also allow you to “see” and “visualize” exaclty what is going on with your order from start to finish.

Once again all of us thank you for your generous trust and support.  If we can be of any help to you, or answer any of your questions please do not hesitate to call or shoot us an email.

Your Friends at Billet Tech

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