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BT Now Available Also For Audi’s

Ten years ago, I was very lucky to become a member of a team that has the same enthusiasm as I do for cars, cars shows, and car accessories. We are known as Billet Technology or Team BT. The best billet parts in the market for the Modern Mopar platform and now also available for the Audi Platform.

I have always been an Audi fan. I started driving VWs when I first got behind the wheel of a car and before graduation I was able to step into my first Audi. Finally, now I have the opportunity to provide our incredible quality pieces to the Audi Platform.

As shown in the images below, we are still at the prototyping and very first few stages of the manufacturing process. All of the items are currently in the raw aluminum satin, ready for additional processes such as colors, and engravings. We will add more pictures later on as we progress as well as provide additional information as we move forward on completed products.

Our ID Plate with Audi S4, S5, A5 and A4 Silhouettes are available now and fall under our standard lead time of up to 20 business days. The rest of the items like, A/C Port Caps, Full Dip Stick, Power Steering Cap, Oil Cap, Washer Fluid Cap, and Brake Fluid Cap are in Group Buy status.

Group Buy means that we will be taking orders and payment information, however we are NOT charging until we proceed to full manufacturing. Once material is in house and we are move forward to production, we will start collecting payment to make sure everyone on the Pre-Order List is still interested and wants to move forward with us.

Our standard lead time of up 20 business days will apply upon starting the first production run of the parts. We will update the manufacturing status on each item of the course of the next month or sooner.

Please email me nick@billettechnology.net if you have any questions about this article or our products. A huge thank you to our customers for your interest in these products and for your support.

– Nick Billet

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