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Hellcat Dipstick Update

Hellcat Oil Dipsticks Bulletin

Folks we have an announcement to make concerning the Hellcat dipstick that we sell to you.  

As you know we offer you a true turn key solution out of the box.  We attached our piece directly on to a brand new factory oil dipstick so all you need to do is just unpack our part, pull your factory one out and simply install  Plug and play.

FCA has made a changed (not a recall) to the factory part number.  The information concerning that change is below:

Mopar has changed all of the 15-16 6.2L Hellcat dipsticks so they will now hold 7qts of oil. You will need the Dipstick 53010823AA, Dipstick tube 68195711AE and the oring 53021144AA.THE NEW DIPSTICK WILL NOW REGISTER FULL WITH 7 QUARTS OF OIL….PREVIOUS VERSIONS REGISTERED FULL WITH 6 QUARTS.

In order to continue to provide you a turn key solution and also making sure your engine is protected allowing the proper amount of oil to be added during an oil change all shipments of oil dipsticks will come with the inlet tube.  

Our part will still coming turn key out of the box with the changes necessary to ensure you are able to add the recommended 7 quarts of oil.  We continue to look out for our customers and provide this high quality part and the “fix” to allow the proper fill.  

If for some reason you are not comfortable doing the inlet tube install, your local dealer can do that for you and you are equipped with genuine factory parts to do so.  The only thing that is different is BT has added our handle on to the factory piece.  If you are not comfortable with this please do not order this part.  

If you ordered this piece during our Encore Event and within the past month as this change went into effect from FCA on the 6 to 7 quart recommendation and want to return your piece please call us will get you an RMA # immediately and provide you a return label along with a refund on that piece.  

Thank you to Andy and EastCoastMoparts for the timely information about these changes and for shipping us our parts so we can continue to ship our turn key solution to you.    

Hellcat 7qt Dipstick Upgrade



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