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New Faces at Team BT

Introducing the New Members of Team BT

Friends we are very excited to welcome new family to the BT family.   Without delay please say hello to your new BT representatives and welcome them home!


Nick Munoz:

Big Nick WelcomeNick FINALLY returns home to Billet Tech!   Long time members at LX Forums will remember the 2007 Starved Rock Meet in April of that year.  Nick traveled to the Rocking Spring Meet as our first official road trip selling products at “the tree stump.”

With over 25 years of experience in the trade, Nick is highly skilled in programming and machining close tolerence work.  Long time customers will remember Nick and his exceptional artistic talents that helped bring your art work to life on the Billet Tech Brand of products.  An expert in Mastercam and Solidworks, Nick is ready to help bring more exceptional Billet Tech products to our customers and the Billet Tech Team is excited to have our “ese” back home where he belongs!  Are you interested in one off custom machined parts?  Give us a call for a consultation with Nick.  Nick is fluent in multiple languages included Spanish and ready to assist you to make your visions a reality.


Alex Cedeno:

Alex WelcomeThe Billet Tech Team is pleased to introduce you to Alex.  Alex is interning with the team on multiple fronts including customer assitance/support and also working under Nick Billet and John Casey in the shop learning the trade.  BT ownership has known Alex since he was a small baby and we are so pleased to welcome  this young man to our working family as well.  As with all members of  Team BT Alex has the same goals and values that we all do and that is to provide exceptional service to our customers.


Gabe Popa:

Gabe WelcomeWe are so excited to welcome Gabe to the BT Family!!  Gabe was one of our first customers and a huge supporter of the brand.  When Scott left to pursue wrenching cars full time with his partner at  AMP (more on that in a moment) we knew that Gabe was the person we wanted to fill the role as it relates to forum support and as an ambassador for the brand.  Gabe will be working to ensure that our commitement to superior communciation with our customers is met and that we are listening to our customers.  Gabe will is available to take your questions regarding Billet Tech products via our new live chat feature, and also via email.Gabe’s vast knowlege of our products is a huge bonus for our current clients and potential new clients looking to add some BT schwag go their rides.

You can contact Gabe via email to gabe@billettechnology.com and you can also say hello to him at www.LXForums.com and over at jeepgarage.org.  His screen name is Gabe and you can visit him in our sections at each of those forums.


Scott at AMP:

One door closed at Team BT when we sadly said goodbye to Scott Boegler as he left to pursue wrenching nearly full time at his shop in in Pompano Beach Florida with his partner Jon.  It was a sad day at the shop when Scott gave us the news that he was leaving to pursue his dream full time.  When you have good people that are great ambassadors for the brand you never want to close that door.

One of the great things about Scott when he was here full time at the facility was his excellent customer support and overall working knowledge of the modern Hemi platforum.  Even though our team generally designs and developes show parts for your car, having Scott at our shop provided added depth for our customers on the performance aspects of their vehicles basically allowing us to not only give you great service on your BT items but also provide you exceptional knowlege about the workings of your car and good honest advise about performance products for your vehicle.  We are pleased to have Scott and AMP still available to our customers for installation support and over all general advise about their vehicle.


After Hours Mopar Performance

You can email Scott right here:  ahmp426@gmail.com

You can also visit the AMP website for full contact info:


Once again we can never thank our customers enough for the support.  Trust is a delicate thing and having good staff goes a long way to earning that trust.  Always know that each and ever member of our team will do everything possible to provide exceptional support and quality products.  It doesn’t matter if you are spending $10 or $1,000 each member of our staff is committed to you and your vision!

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