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Positive Terminal Cover Give Away!

Positive Terminal Cover Give Away!

This free giveaway ended Monday, May 18th at 9:30 A.M. EST.  Team BT is giving away a total of 69 pieces and those that emailed by 9:30 A.M. EST on May 18th will be receiving a Billet Tech $25 gift cert to our site.  Thank you to all our customers.  

Folks the Billet Tech Team is a firm believer in paying it forward to all of you our awesome customers for your support over the years.  We are also firm believes in professional courtesy (more on that shortly).

Many of you with older models from 2005-2007 are having the dreaded battery terminal cover issue where after years of being under the hood of the vehicle these are cracking and breaking.

As a thank you to our awesome customers we are giving 25 of these away.  We will give them away first come first served in order of email receipt (your emails are time and date stamped) so just send those emails to info@billettechnology.com and in the subject type Positive Terminal Giveaway.  Your BT Team being the shutter bugs that we are will video the process of the order of receipt to ensure the drawing is fair.  Many people have asked us why we don’t make this part. Its simple we we don’t want to have a situation of metal on metal possibly creating an electrical arc that may short something out in the electrical system of the car.

When you send your email in be sure to include your full name and address on where you want the part to be sent and we will have it sent with tracking emailed to you within 48 hours (excluding weekends).  With your free giveaway shipment we will provide full instruction on how to modify the part easily to have this item work with your ride.  However you can refer to the pictures in this article for a general idea on how this modification will go.

Team BT would like to extend a professional courtesy and thank you to Andy and EastCoastMoparts for doing the legwork on this fix.  Lots of folks, ourselves included, had no idea what to do or what part to order and Andy graciously supplied the information to the team here.  As a thank you we are paying it forward to our friends and customers.  Many of us with older vehicles we were hitting walls when going to our dealerships inquiring about what part to get.  Andy not only supplied the part number but also the modification information needed to make this retrofit the the 05-07 vehicles but also the 2011 LX, LD, LC, and LA model FCA vehicles.

After these 25 are given away that Team BT ordered from Andy on May 13th,  you can then contact him directly for the next 25 orders as the BT Team will pick up the cost and shipping for those customers in need bringing the total giveaway to 50 pieces.  When calling in to speak with Andy tell him you need Part Number 68188999AA.

Don’t forget EastCoastMoparts not only carries the parts you need to fix your ride, they also carry a huge card of aftermarket parts for your sled such as ProCharger, Diablosport, and Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Mopar Performance, Fore Industries, Paramount, DSS, and our very own Billet Tech Oil Catch Can.
You can reach Andy toll free at 800-883-1608 or at 877-843-1905.

Team BT would also like to thank and acknowledge Dennis Witte, of DodgeMagnumGrille.com, who had a short run of replacement covers. Dennis sent us one after noticing ours was broken on the Billet Technology wagon. Dennis has been a loyal Modern Mopar enthusiast for years, providing top notch custom grilles for Magnums. Thank you Dennis, we hope to see you soon!

Once again big thanks to Andy for all your help and sharing your knowledge not just with our team but the entire community.

Installation Instructions

These are not a 100% direct fit, but with a few modifications, they’ll look great you your Mopar. Here’s what needs to be done to install these on a first gen LX.

Here’s a sad, old and broken terminal cover.

Here’s the new one, next to the old one.

You’ll need to cut the new cover right here.

Then use a zip tie to hold it in place. A red zip tie is our preference. We used a black one here so that you could see it better in the pictures.



Zip it on and you’re done!

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