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Team BT Results @ MSHS 2015 Season Opener

Team BT Results @ MSHS 2015 Season Opener


The long wait is over, and the Modern Street Hemi Shootout 2015 Season is finally underway. The season kicked off at Bradenton Motorsports Park (Bradenton, FL) on March 1st. Team BT was in attendance with Erik Storms and Wendy Robertson (of BFNY Performance) flying in from Ohio, Burleson driving his fresh build down from Charlotte, and Nick Billet and Mr. Pete coming in from the BT HQ in Lake Worth, FL.


The event proved to be one for the books, with many firsts and even a new PB. This was Mr. Pete’s first MSHS event and this man of many talents enjoyed himself. Pete allowed Nick Billet to pilot his 5.7 powered RAM truck into Third place in the Pentastar Bracket Class. President Billet also took home the Rich Wesley Smallest Margin Of Victory Award with a margin of 0.0007 of a second! Pete was a welcomed addition to Team BT, helping Erik in keeping Burleson’s power hungry urges at bay, as well as offering little bits of wisdom to the team at just the right time.

From Burls: “Mr. Pete is the missing piece of the puzzle for Team BT. His insight, wisdom and calm nature really helped me focus in the pits… Maybe I can get him to ride shotgun so I settle down at the tree.”


Nick Billet drove extremely well in the highly competitive index class. His third place finish in a truck might not seem like a big deal, but his reaction times highlight his ability to adapt. This time, to a vehicle which is much slower to react to the driver’s launch. Though this is Nick’s sophomore year in the MSHS, we expect big things from him this year. When the BT Wagon returns from it’s build at BFNY, Nick will have the power on tap to put him right where he needs to be for the Super Stock Class, and beyond.


Burleson’s 3.6 Kenne Bell build was named “The Miracle Build” after the 2 day thrash session where it went from a shell, to a running car. Erik Storms from Ohio, Patrick Zabst and Ron Skor (both from from NC) came to assist Burls with the major install. The wagon was nothing short of a shell with a rear end. Starting on Saturday Morning, Erik and Burls had the transmission and short block in by the time Ron and Pat pulled in the driveway at 10am! The motor fired on Sunday afternoon, and beers followed.


“Your knowledge, skill, creative problem solving, attention to detail, and patience simply blew me away. It was an honor to wrench on the BadWagon with you, bringing my dream build to life. I learned so much, and it’s slowly seeping in.” – Quote from Burleson regarding wrenching with Erik.

Burls worked through the rest of the week, through a major winter storm, knocking out the details and miscellaneous items to get the car ready to race. He then DROVE the new build from Charlotte to Bradenton (700+ miles) and was mobbed when he pulled into the hotel parking lot.


Erik thrashed on the BadWagon in the pits tweaking items and coaching Burls and Nick throughout the day. As the goal with the BadWagon was to simply get solid data, shake the car down and make it home, Erik and tuner Brent Hughes (DTP) kept the tune safe with plenty of fuel and very little timing. Even so, Burls took 3rd in the 10.50ET Modified Class (TEAM BT driver Wendy Robertson was handicapped by driving a rental car. We’re sure she’s looking forward to a giving Burls a “proper” induction into the Modified Class at VMP) with a new PB of 11.2 @ 125mph. The trap speed would have netted Burls his first 10 second slip if he’d been able to launch the car without spinning the tires.

The BadWagon busted a power steering pump pulley on his last pass. When the boys at Stage6 Motorsports saw Erik thrashing to swap pulleys in the pits, they put the wagon on their trailer. Erik finally had his well deserved cold beer, and Burls jumped in with Harrison to ride to Jacksonville. Builder John swapped the pulley in the morning, and Burleson was on his way home. Mission Complete.


It’s always a treat when TEAM BT gets together. Though the BT Bosslady was sorely missed as she wasn’t able to attend, Team BT had a blast, took home some hardware, and best of all, got Mr. Pete to a race. We’re looking forward to ChallengerFest 6 and seeing more of our track pals.



MSHS 2015 Bradenton Season Opener Gallery

photo credits: Lee and Charlie, Burleson, Nick Billet and unknown track photographer