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How Do I Pay For My Order

We offer a variety of ways to pay, and always appreciate your support and trust.

We accept the following Payments:

  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Paypal (instant)
  • Personal Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Certified Checks
  • American Express

When you pay using your credit or debit card your order is only preauthorized when you place it.  All orders may be subject to a 30% refundable deposit  within 36 hours upon placement of your order.  We will send you a friendly email reminder that we are charging the deposit prior to doing so.   The balance will be captured upon final shipment of your product(s).    All preauthorization’s usually drop off after a couple days, so please check with your credit card providers or bank about their preauthorization policies. We WILL NOT begin work without at least a credit card preauthorzation or some other payment as described within our payment terms described here.  In the event we do not capture a 30% deposit to begin work the entire amount due will be captured when the item is ready to ship.  Upon completion of your order and the day before or the day of shipping, charge the remaining balance due on your order.  If the card is declined we will email you first.  If we do not hear from you within 48 hours we make a phone call. If after seven days we do not receive payment or do not hear from you with other arrangements we will refund any deposits taken and move your order to the next person in line.  After day seven of non payment we do cancel the order.  v 

We do accept your personal checks.  You may place your order online and choose pay by check.  Please let us know that you will be sending a check to us in the comments section upon checkout.  Your order will be placed on hold or pending until we receive your payment.  Once we receive your payment your order will ship within 5 business days (in stock items).  Money orders and certified checks,  your order will ship within 48 hours (in stock items). All check should be made Payable to Vertex Precision Inc.; Billet Tech is a brand only. Please pay attention to your invoice copy.

If we receive your check and your order falls within the standard BT lead time. We will not deposit your funds right away.  We will deposit your checks or money orders only when your order is ready to ship.

All completed orders not paid within 7 days will be canceled no exceptions.

If you are paying via Paypal the transaction is instant and the funds are taken immediately upon checkout when you are placing your order.  If you are uncomfortable with this please contact us to make other arrangements.   We can only keep unpaid Paypal orders open for 7 days. If after seven days we are unable to collect the funds via Paypal as prearranged with you, unfortunately we have to cancel your order.  

Any Paypal orders that are disputed and the order is not completed we will issue an immediate refund if you did not reach out to us prior to the dispute being filed.  Simply call or email us and ask us to cancel the order and we will do so immediately and provide an immediate refund.   We understand having your money with no product shipped will make some people nervous this is why we encourage you NOT to use Paypal if you are not ok waiting for your products regardless of discount. Trust is extremely delicate when it comes to your funds, and that trust works both ways let us work together.  

Keeping with the topic of Paypal all Paypal payments starting January 1, 2017 must be VERIFIED. If you do not have a verified Paypal account we will contact you to make other payment arrangements. Unfortunately even with a tracking number, shipping address matching the Paypal holders account, as well as a signed for package, we have lost a number of disputes as of late because of unverified accounts. A verified account protects you in the event we do not do our job, and protects us when we fulfill our obligation to you. We are here to work with you and thank you always for your support.

All claims on product must be made within 10 days of receipt of merchandise.  

All merchandise or deposits “charged back” or disputed by you as not received or not authorized and has been signed for and delivered to you will be sent to collections for payment after 7 business days of us attempting to reach out to you or resolution.  You will be responsible for any fees incurred as a result of any chargebacks.  Proof of fees will be emailed or sent to you upon request.