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Why Choose BT Products Over The Competition?

Hey Billet Tech, why does it take up to 20 business days (sometimes longer) to get my stuff when I can go get something similar elsewhere and have it ship tomorrow?  Thats a good question so let us fill you in on the Billet Tech difference and what separates us from the other look a like products out there.

Why choose Billet Technology over the competitors copy cat products?  

The Billet Technology Team has only been a “brand” since 2006 but our company, Vertex Precision, Inc., has been in business since 1976!  Founded by Mr. Peter M. Tetzlaff the company focus has always been based on superior workmanship, and developing strong relationships with our customers long after the point of sale.

Over the course of 30 plus years in business the company set a high standard for close tolerance work, and engineering excellence.  In fact our team designed, engineered and manufactured after market automotive parts and accessories for one of the bigger names in the aftermarket industry.  However, we parted ways with that company when their focus shifted from quality to quantity.

In the summer of 2006 after 3 major hurricanes, and with much of our contract work gone, our team started the Billet Technology Brand.  Utilizing our skills as THE COMPANY responsible for designing, prototyping, engineering and manufacturing components for that company with the “name” we focused on binging our lineup to you directly.

We drive your type of vehicle and understand how it works.  Therefore, it is very important for our staff to ensure the integrity of each and every item we produce here at our facility from concept to finished product.

We are the originators of all the products you see on our website!  If you see these items elsewhere and they are not a Billet Technology product you can bet that product is a cheap knock off and in many cases manufactured with cheap foreign labor and materials, or in shops where no quality control system is in place.

Each Billet Technology order is machined to your specifications in our 5,000 square foot climate controlled facility using only certified domestic pure materials that are kept on file for 10 years.  Our facility is an ISO 9001-2000 certified and registered company.

You can always count on any member of the BT Team to put his or her best foot forward to accommodate your needs. All of our team  members are empowered to help you now and do not have to wait for “management” to make any decisions as it relates to your particular needs.

We understand that in today’s times your hard earned dollars are important to you and that you want to be sure you are spending your cash wisely.  Be assured that the Billet Tech team never takes you for granted and we will work hard every day to earn your trust.

When you buy Billet Technology brand products you are choosing quality over cookie cutter mass produced items that you find at those other places.  

Bottom line;  you may have to wait a little longer for our brand of products, but when you open the box you can be assured that your product(s) were made just for you truly giving you something unique and special.  

We understand that for some folks this wait and our lead-times will not be acceptable therefore, we may not be the company for you.  Some may find our busines model unacceptable as well.  For those of you reading this looking to walk through that door into the BT family welcome!   We are glad you are here.