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How to Take Care of Your BT Bling

Caring for your ANODIZED Billet Technology Parts:

When caring for your anodized Billet Tech parts it is important that you never use a wash that is phosphate based.  Never use waxes or Windex or any other type of glass cleaner on your anodized parts.

We recommend mineral oil when cleaning any of your anodized parts, be it engine bay products, badges, center caps, or any other BT part that is exposed to heat, elements, or sunlight.

Before you begin cleaning your parts, please take great care to remove any debris that may be present on them such as light dirt particles.  We suggest a microfiber cloth to lightly wipe down the products first.  After you ensure that all dirt has been removed apply just enough mineral oil on a clean microfiber cloth.  Lightly wipe your items back and forth or side to side in one direction only.  When you have a light coat on, take a clean microfiber cloth that has not been used and wipe dry.  You may also use WD40 or Boeshield to clean your anodized items.

Caring for your POLISHED Billet Tech Parts:

It is very important that you check your polished BT parts frequently especially all engine bay items and exterior items such as wheel center caps or badges.  Polish is not chrome plate in any way.  The 6061-T6 has been highly polished to give it a mirror type look.

Inspect your BT parts for small dirt particles.  Once you have done this we recommend you remove the caps and dip them in light soap and water (we recommend Dawn Dish Detergent).  Remove and inspect to be sure that all dirt particles have been removed from the products.  Lightly dry your parts with a clean microfiber cloth doing so in one direction to the tool grain to remove any water spots.

To keep your polished parts looking in tip top shape we recommend Bling Master or Mothers Billet Was to re-polish as needed.  Always use a clean, soft microfiber cloth and polish in one direction to the grain of the tool.

If your BT parts are in need of a total polish refurbish, please contact us for details on how we may be able to help offer this service to you.

Caring for your MACHINED SATIN Billet Tech Parts:

Satin parts are an off the machine finish.  Sometimes our parts are mistaken for “polish” due to the proprietary nature by which we machine our parts.  If you see tool grains on your parts going in one direction this is normal as this is the tool path or surface pass you are seeing.

When caring for your satin parts, especially your engine ay parts, we also recommend you remove them and dip them in light soap and water (we recommend Dawn).  Once you have ensured that the parts are free of dirt, dry them immediately to prevent water spots.  If water spots are present on your parts use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (do not use generic brands as they do not work well from our experience) and lightly rub off the spot to the tool grain.  Do not apply force just a light back and fourth normally will remove the spots.

Once all dirt is removed you may use mineral sports and clean your parts in one direction to the tool grain.  There is no need to put any force in to this either.  You can also use mineral oil to clean the parts too.  Let your parts dry and then you may wipe them down with a clean dry cloth and reinstall.

Proper care of your parts will keep them looking as good as the day you took them out of the box upon delivery.

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