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How To Maintain Your BT Catch Can

How To Maintain Your BT Catch Can

Emptying Your Catch Can

  • Empty your BT Catch Can at every oil change or every 3,000 miles. Depending on your driving style you may need to empty your catch can sooner.
  • Your BT Catch Can comes with hose that is oil resistant.  However, as with any type of hose on any type of vehicle the hose will eventually need to be replaced at the owner’s discretion. We guarantee our hose to be free from leaking or weeping for  one year.

When I empty my catch can what should I do with the waste?

Never add the liquid back into to your engine.  This may cause damage to your engine.  Dispose of the liquid waste properly and in a proper waste oil container and arrange for a proper drop off at a local recycling station.

When I empty my catch can the liquid looks “milky” or looks like coffee why is that, is something wrong?

No there is nothing wrong with the way your catch is performing.  In winter months condensation will build up inside if the chamber due to the heat from your engine bay creating what would appear to be an abnormal condition.

Do I need to replace my hoses?

YES. Rubber hoses, really anything made of rubber, will break down over time. Hoses should be replaced every 2 years or so. You may order new hoses from us, or pick it up at your local auto parts store.

Will I need to replace my catch can fittings?

No.  The fittings installed on the catch can are brass not plastic and will last the lifetime of your product.  They will not melt and are not plastic.

If you have a nickel plated fitting we warranty those to be free from defects in plating for one year from the date of delivery to your door step.  This also applies to the black powder coated fittings.

If for any reason you need to remove your fittings be carefully when and twist them off in a counter clockwise direction.  You can break them off with too much force so please use care. When reinstalling you will need to wrap the threads with teflon tape to ensure  a leak free seal.

Your Billet Technology Catch Can will last a lifetime as long as you properly care for it (see our product care article in the knowledge base).

Proper care will go a long way to maintaining your BT Products!

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