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BT Hellcat Catch Cans Now Available!

BT Hellcat Catch Cans Now Available!

When Team BT was asked nearly 10 years ago to make an affordable catch can for the modern Mopar community we frankly didn’t have a clue what that was.  After a bit of research and some input from at GTO yes a GTO owner, our engineer and shop staff set out to create what would become the first two chambered catch can (top) in the industry and it worked.  With the simple thought process of no need to over engineer a thing The Billet Technology Catch Can was born.

Often imitated right on down to the brackets, and overall appearance many “clones” were pushed out into the market as a direct knock off of our product. The one thing those other guys just can’t or could not copy was the true Billet Tech formula for success and thats our teamwork and interaction with each other and dedication to quality over quantity.  We have always been upfront with our client base if you want it now we may not be the company for you, brand “x” may be more your style, but it you want personalized service from a staff that understands your ride, wrenches your type of car, and will do what it takes to bring you the very best then we are the company for you.

Many folks kept asking hey BT Team why are you waiting to release the Hellcat Catch Can or why are you still offering the fender bracket for the Hellcat?  The very simple answer is we waited for our competitors with the lookalike products to introduce their inferior mounting application first.

With that said, Team BT brings you the PROPER way to install and mount the Billet Technology Catch Can to your Charger or Challenger Hellcat. No shoddy bolt ons to the blower with a clamp held on by setscrews. Our new setup comes complete with our own manufactured plug and play connector system ready to install on your Hellcat in mere minutes. Keep your blower free from any attachments and your half covers on.

Absolutely no modifications are required to anything.  No “clamping” onto the blower casting, and no setscrews PERIOD.  While our “competitors” are “testing” we have already tested our setup and we are shipping now in satin. Color and polish are on our standard lead-times, and simply put no one offers the variety of finishes, and custom engraving options as Team BT does.  Our motto is simple its Your Ride Your Vision here, and we are here to help make that a reality.  The best thing about all this is our price can’t be beat.  We don’t need those “price match” gimmicks Billet Tech brings you value, and a product made right the first time right out of the box.

To Order Please Click Here: Billet Technology Hellcat Catch Can

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BT Hellcat Catch Can Install Video

Hellcat Start Up After BT Catch Can Install Video