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Holiday 2014 Manufacturing Update

Holiday 2014 Manufacturing Update

Good afternoon BT Nation and welcome to the first manufacturing update for the 2014 Holiday Season.

Your BT Team has a lot of important information for you so pull up a chair and read on. As always, if anyone has any questions please give us a call or shoot us an email at support@billettechnology.com.

Order Status Updates

Please be sure to add orderstatus@billettechnology.com to your email contacts list. We are sending updates several times per week.

Christmas & Holiday Delivery

If you placed an order during the Countdown Sale and requested a Holiday or Christmas Delivery, your order either went to plate or polish on December 8th, and or is in the engrave que.  Baring any setbacks we should have all orders that requried requested a Christmas Delivery complete and ready to ship by then.

Folks who placed Post Countdown Orders and also requested Christmas Delivery up December 5th we are also on track to make that holiday delivery.

Some orders may get there right at Christmas Eve, but we are going to get your products to you. Team BT is also mindful of “must have by” dates that many of you requested, and we are expediting those orders in preparation for shipping over the next two and a half weeks.

Lead Times

By mid to late January new orders should be back to our standard 20 business day lead-time. We will keep everyone posted and of course once again please call or email support@billettechnology.com for current product availability.

Where we are going to hit the wall here soon is with outside processes such as anodize, powder coating and polishing.

Thursday, December 18th will be the last day we will be able to get any products back in the shop from those processes.

We sent a huge load up to anodize already and will be sending up truck loads, yes truck loads every day this week and into next week to get these orders buttoned up and filled.

Team BT will be working through the holidays to get you your parts that do come back in from these vendors, before Christmas and New Year’s break.

Our material suppliers are open for business and we will continue to machine parts so they will be ready to go to outside process bright and early January 5th.

Stock Status

Team BT was well prepared this year for the Countdown Sale and pleased to say that a lot of our clients have received shipments or will have a shipping notification in their email boxes in the coming very soon.

You may notice the availability of some products jump around over the next 3-5 weeks. The reason is we are manufacturing small runs of some parts to fulfill current orders.

Catch Cans:

A major seller always during this years countdown sale and remain a hot item each and every day.  From the composite catch cans and just your standards BT all aluminum can we are in good shape.  Machine satin catch cans are shipping daily, color and polish can we did have inventory on the shelf and shipped in order of receipt and or those needing a Christmas and Holiday delivery then we accomodated your order there first.

2011 to 2014 Jeep Fuse Box Covers

We are in good shape for all years and we have the 2014 style completed and perfected for the proper fit that you all come to expect from Billet Tech.

All orders placed during the sale and up until December 2nd we will have those filled and shipped into this month and on into to mid January at a first come first served basis.

The following colors and or finishes are at outside process now:

Folks if you ordered orange, purple or clear anodize all of those orders are at finish now be it polish or anodize (plate).

If its one thing we learn every year around this time it is to expect the unexpected and we were blown away at the number or orders for purple, clear and orange this year.

Fortunately we have the products in blank on the shelf to accomodate those finishes.  These were and continue to be the hot colors even after the big sale.  Thank you all for your support.

Under Hood Kits:

Under hood kits as in years past are also moving at a brisk pace this holiday season.

Most countdown orders made it and and we have or had stock to cover those, some did not.

Orders placed on or after December 1st will not get a delivery until early January, with a few exceptions.

Team BT will manufacture small production runs to keep as current as possible right on up through the holiday season.  We should be fully back in stock and on standard lead-time all finishes by the end of December.

Keep an eye out on those order status emails that will start appearing in your inbox the week of December 15th and of course please call or email for the most up to date information.

Hood Props:

Another big seller this holiday season.  Once again, if you requested a holiday delivery we should have you covered.

Most sale orders should be covered and filled right on through this month and into early and mid January until completed.

Designer series and color finishes were the biggest hit so we will definite move out past the standard lead-time on colors due to heavy volume.

Items out of stock or running low:

Folks we are still sorting out som of the orders however, here is a list of the products we are low on and approximately when to expect them to go on for machining”

  • Power Steering Reservoir Cover (mfg to start late week of December 15th material ordered)
  • Radiator Cap Covers (manufacturing now)
  • Washer Fluid Caps (mfg to start late week of December 15th material ordered).
  • Beverage Deletes (manufacturing now).
  • Throttle Body Covers all styles (mfg to start week of December 22nd)
  • Water Necks (most count down orders are filled any new business after December 8th expect a late January delivery time frame next.  Next MFG run will not start untli the first week of January.
  • Challenger Nose Badges (we have approx 75 at polish now most countdown orders will be covered however any new biz after December 3rd expect a mid January delivery).
  • Z Brackets for catch cans (we are low, however, we will be manufacturing again late the week of December 15th to keep pace with new business).
  • Original BT Catch Can Hose Ends (low stock manufacturing to start week of December 22nd there may be some delays on braided line kits).
  • Coil Pack Covers manufacturing right now.  All orders filled in order of receipt.  Most everyone will have this product and 100% completed and delievered by the second week of January.  We expect shipments to start week of Dec. 15th.

All other items that we currently carry we are in good shape inventory wise and moving forward towards new business.  Be sure to keep an eye out on each indvidual product for the lastest stock status as well in the “availablity” area next to each product picture.

Customs Orders:

If you placed a custom order we will fill those orders on a first come first served basis.

Custom orders were brisk and continue to remain that way up to the time of this posting.  Please know we are working as fast as possible to get your custom art work completed and to your inbox for for approval prior to cutting.

Lots of very complex art work this year as well so please allow us the time to make it perfect for you.

It is as our slogan goes “your ride your vision” and we want to make sure you are happy with the end results.


Finally in closing If anyone has any questions at all please just drop us an email or give us a call we are here to help.  Happy Holidays to everyone and we will be back with a new update late the week of December 15th.

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