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Hurricane Irma Update September 11, 2017

Hurricane Iram Update September 11th, 2017

Good Morning.

We must begin by recognizing those Americans who lost their lives on this day 16 years ago: we will never forget those who died, and the heroic men and women of the rescue effort.

We hope that everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma made it safely through so far. Team BT would like to thank everyone who has reached out to us, and offered their thoughts, prayers, assistance and concern. The crew is safe, the shop still stands as do our homes. We are without power, celluar service is spotty at best, and the roads are blocked everywhere with downed trees.

A quick note from the Heidi:
“Morning all. Lots of trees down you seen one you see them all. Actually feels cooler out this morning. We are ok lots of clean up to do going to tackle the street first so we can get out if needed. Many thanks for the texts sorry my service has been spotty and please if I don’t reply we have our hands full for the next couple days. Finally least we forget 16 years ago when truly everything changed. It still feels like yesterday.”

BT’s Hurricane Irma Gameplan

  • BT will allow our people who evacuated out of state time to return home and those who stayed to get clean up efforts well under way.
  • Family and safety will always be the number one priority here at Team BT and we always extend that to our customers too and we are here for you in times of great need. If any of our local customers needs anything please do not hesitate to reach out to us also.
  • We will return as quickly as possible and resume operations as quickly as we can. Our Goal is by Wednesday we will have staff in the office ready to begin shipping again. Please be mindful there may indeed be an interruption in production and shipping. We will start to ship stock items as soon as we can after the storm has passed.
  • We should know more about power at the shopt within 48 hours.
  • Phone Messages: If you receive the voicemail please do leave a clear and detailed message we will call you back as quickly as possible.
  • Emails: Please continue to email us. We will answer all emails as quickly as possible and expect to resume a smooth flow of communication with you as soon as we can.
  • We operate two servers. Each server is out of Florida and your ability to view the website and reach out to us will not be affected we expect no down time on the website or your ability to hit the contact us pages on the website to reach out to us. Your information remains secured to the highest SSL Standards for shopping sites.
  • The reports of the status of the shop are that it is still standing without any major damage. Your parts are safe, as we picked up as much of it as possible from our outside partners so that our building could provide the best possible protection.
  • The shop and our homes, as well as much of Florida which was in Irma’s path, is without power. Once the roads are safe, the power is restored, our families and homes are secure we will return to production/finishing and shipping out your orders.
  • We will continue to keep everyone up to date via social media channels and right here at our website so please check back in.
  • Please check the previous Manufacturing Updates for information on your orders.

Communication is always a high priority for us as it relates to your experience here with us. We want that to remain as smooth as possible. Even in the most trying of times Team BT has always taken communicate with you as the most critical factory in building a relationship with you even above the buying experience as many of our clients have become very good friends to us over the years.

We appreciate you and your patience and will do something fun with everyone once we are back and operational in the next coming days. The support with your purchases over the past several days has been so appreciated. Trust is delicate we understand this. Trust is delicate we understand this.

Thank you again, please be safe.

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