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March Modness Update!

March Modness Round Selection and Winners

Thank you BT nation for your response to March Modness. We had a total of 1509 entries (343 entries, then added in our March orders, and each one of those orders received an extra entry)


Here is a quick reminder of how you progress through the tournament.

1. Every entry is assigned a random number before each round.

2. Entries are sorted by random number, lowest to highest, top 50% move on to next round. 

3. This process is repeated for Round 1 through 7.

4. Round 8 will have 12 surviving entries. The Top 8 move to Round 9.

5. In Round 9, we will put all 8 in a bowl, and pick the prize order, from 8 to 1.


Results will be posted and final selections made (all times are Eastern)

4/1/20 – Wednesday 8pm – Post Rounds 1-2-3.

4/2/20 – Thursday 6pm – Post Rounds 4-5-6.

4/3/20 – Friday 10am – Post Rounds 7-8.

4/3/20 – Friday 2pm – Round 9 LIVE, Top 8 Selections.


Results are posted HERE.


March Modness Rules

The tournament, and its rules, are simple.

1. One entry per person. You may submit your entry from now through 11:59pm March 31 (EDT).

2. If you make a purchase from March 1st through March 31, we will automatically create a second entry for you.

3. The tournament will start on April 1. Entries in each round will be assigned a random number. We will sort and the top half will move on to the next round. We assign random numbers to those entries, sort, and the top half will move on. We repeat this process until we get to the Top 8 entries.

4. The Top 8 entries will be written on individual pieces of paper. We will pull out 4 entires…. those will be our BT Final Four. From there we pull out 2. From those two, we pull out 1 that will our overall winner.

5. Stay tuned to our social as we’ll share the selection process with you as well as when we do the Top 8 and BT Final Four selections.


Prizes will be awarded to the Top 8.

Spots 5, 6, 7, 8

$100 Gift Certificate

Spots 3 & 4

$250 Gift Certificate

Spot 2

$500 Gift Certificate

Spot 1 – Grand Prize

ALL that we offer that fits your ride, including… valve covers and coil pack covers.

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