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Manufacturing Update August 25th, 2016

Manufacturing Update August 25th, 2016

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the end of August edition of of our manufacturing update. As always we start out by thank each and everyone of you for your support and your business. We appreciate you sticking with Team BT through everything! We understand you have choices. We will always do our very best to go above and beyond for you. With that let’s get started:

The follow products we are sold out on or very low inventory when notated. Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding these items. We have most orders covered on these low stock / out of stock orders through the 2nd week of August.

2.5″ Wheel Center Caps

Very low stock. Running again September 2016

Unistrut Covers

Low stock. Running again early September 2016

Washer Fluid Caps

08 and up we have done a complete redesign to accommodate one size fitting all including the 2016 models as there has been some fitment issues on that year. We will be fully stocked again in early September.

Hood Shock Covers

Low stock. Next MFG Run mid September 2016

Beverage Deletes

No stock. All orders through early August are covered and either shipping, shipped or in final process.

2013 and up Throttle Body Covers

No stock Next MFG run mid September 2016

Hellcat Bypass Valve Cover

No stock. Next MFG run mid September 2016

All of our other product offerings we are in good shape inventory wise and are staying pretty much on lead-time or sooner. We have had some bottle necks with some blue and purple over the summer as those two colors were very high in demand during the busy seasons here for us. Remember if you have a meet you will be attending please be mindful of our lead-time. Let us know you will be going and when the date is so we can do all in our power to get you what you need in time for the event you may be attending.

Valve Covers

Valve Covers in satin are starting to ship. We have sold out on this run. If anyone drops off prior to color and polishing sets getting ready to ship we will reactivate the link for those to order and also let everyone know here on our website and via social medial.

Coil Pack Covers

Matching Coil Pack Covers to go with the Valve Covers will start manufacturing in a couple more weeks. Delivery for those will take place all through October 2016.

Catch Cans

Catch Cans all styles and finishes including the matte black, white and titanium are shipping in order of receipt and pretty much on lead-time or sooner. This is our most popular product and the biggest “private label” item we sell worldwide to distributors. Catch cans continually run here at Billet Tech this product is never NOT in production. We appreciate you business and support. Nothing beats an original and the BT can in the original Modern Mopar Catch Can celebrating 10 years in the market place. We will price match ANY look alike product so give us a call you won’t be disappointed and it’s always done right here at BT.

Under Hood

All under hood items with the exception of the 08 and up washer fluid caps we are in good shape. We have completed the redesign on this piece in order to ensure that 2016 and up models have a snug and secure fit. We have had reports from customers who are having fitment issues on their 2016 models and we too have confirmed this first hand. The slight tweak will still allow this part to fit earlier years as well as securely fit onto your 2016 and up model year. If you have a washer cap that was manufactured by us and is not fitting correctly and it’s a 2015 or 2016 model please give us a call so we can help assist you in getting that right for you. Many people we have already taken care of.

New Colors

We have introduced new colors! Matte Black Anodize and titanium!! These colors are quickly becoming favorites with many customers really taking a liking to the matte finish. Matte finishes will be done in a monthly lot at the end of each month. These will have approximately 4-5 weeks until delivery after we send out your order. The parts are not “blasted” in any way prior to coating. You really must see the matte colors in person to appreciate just how stellar the finish is.

Matte Black and Titainium

We will be introducing matte purple, matte green, matte blue, yellow and matte clear in September so stay tuned to the Official Billet Technology Instagram pages and our Facebook page as well as this website for all the details.

That’s going to wrap it for this edition. We welcome your calls anytime for all the latest and greatest going on here at Billet Tech. At Team BT we are about quality over quantity, done right and no mass produced cookie cutter items. You will wait a bit longer for some of your BT Products, however you can always be assured you will receive the best machined product period, and excellent care before, during and after your experience here.

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