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Manufacturing Update August 5th, 2015

Manufacturing Update August 5th, 2015

As with any update we must always start by saying thank you!  Thank you to all of our friends and customers for your support and trust. We do our very best to ensure that is earned and don’t take it lightly.

This summer has been amazing and record breaking for us here and once again it is because of you.  We have been pretty much on point staying within those summer lead-time schedules. About the only hiccup we have had has been in the anodize department (color) as the company we use for that locally was extremely busy and thus our normal turn-around time got pushed back and we thank you for your patience as we all worked through that to get you your parts as quickly as possible.

Our focus today is basically going to be on all of our under hood items we sell on our site. Summer time is where its at for those items as it is show season.  

We are continually running parts all the time so you may have an out of stock part tomorrow and it’s back ready for either engraves on satin or to outside processes two days later.  

The following parts are in manufacturing now and should generally stay on the 20 business day or sooner color and polish time frame and the two week time frame for any satin parts. Custom engravings are going about 4-5 weeks right now also

Strut Covers

Both unistrut style and original BT “Devo style”, or as our competitors rename their clones “stepped” style, are back on the shelf and shipping per lead-times.

ABS Covers

We are manufacturing enough to fill all outstanding orders now.  This will be the last run so if you want one give us a call.

Fuse Box Covers

Covers for 08-10 Charger & 300, as well as 11-14 Challengers are in manufacturing.  We will start to ship again this month (August).  2006-2010 Jeep Covers are discontinued due to lack of demand. Call for any covers that may be left over.  

Radiator Cap

Original Style in manufacturing will stay on lead-times.

Washer Fluid Cap

All styles in manufacturing will stay on lead-times.

Power Steering Cap

Back in stock and on lead-time

Power Steering Resi Cover

Out of stock.  Material in house will start manufacturing week of August 3rd.

5.7L and 392 Style Oil Caps

Manufacturing now.

Manifold Baffle Cover

Manufacturing delivery will start mid to end of August.

Coil Pack Covers

Material is in the shop will start manufacturing end of August for September delivery.

Composite Catch Cans

Both bottom and full can shipping will start week of August 10th

Catch Cans

All styles we are so busy with this product, including our private label business, that from time to order it could be 7-10 days on satin to ship.  If you need it sooner call us so we can expedite you out the door.

Beverage Deletes

These are now back in stock and shipping. Thank you all for your patience on this product. We apologize for the delay on these.

Interior Products

We are in good shape with all shifters back on the shelf and on lead-times.
Challenger Cup Holder Bezels we have started to ship you your group buy orders.

Magnum Wing Group Buy

Orders will ship this month yet.  All wings are out at finish and badges with the exception of some customs and all 3D badges are finished.  Thank you to all owners who came on board with this group buy it was a such a success even more than we anticipated.

Coming Soon…

We are not posting the product table today simply because we are in the process of a revamping on the back end of our site as we get ready to launch out a brand new division of Billet Technology and that would be 561 Speed & Performance.  Look for an official announcement on that in the coming days.

Just like you were are sick of the so called parts expertes here in the 561 area code who over charge for shipping and can’t even build a car without it breaking or blowing up. That’s why those so called “experts” left that game and changed names. We are going to change the way you buy parts and receive service very very very soon.  No gimmicks, no thread bumps in the middle of the night just good reliable service from people that have built your type of car, race your type of car and understand it better than anyone.  Not someone in a parking lot doing an install with the car up on scissor jacks.

If you have any questions please give us a call.

714 South East Coast Street, Lake Worth, Florida  33460
Email: support@billettechnology.net
Toll Free Phone (US Only): 1.866.747.1684
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