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Manufacturing Update December 10th, 2012

Manufacturing Update December 10th, 2012

Folks thank you again for your support this holiday season.  Here is a brief update of where we stand as it relates to all current open orders.  Be sure to check back at this very post within the day for a full product by product stock status recap.

If you have an order that is in blue, purple, clear or orange that has not shipped your products are back in house from anodize and in the engrave “que.”  WE are shipping daily and will continue to ship right thru the next couple of weeks.  Some items such as water necks, fuse boxes and strut covers some of you will not see those products until later this month and into early January.

If you have an under hood kit order in with us in red and it has not shipped we are shipping all this week and into next with delivery on most items in time for Christmas.

If you ordered a red, black blue or clear anodize catch can and it has not shipped we will be shipping starting the end of this week and right on thru the month of December.  We just finished manufacturing our BT hose ends and have many finishes coming back from outside process starting tomorrow.  Catch cans are shipping daily so please know that we are staying pretty much on point lead-time wise.

For those folks that ordered A/C knob kits and lumbar kits during the countdown sale and right on up thru today we have filled most orders that will be shipping this year. As you may have been aware these products came back online for a limited time as a small group run.  If you order does not ship this year please don’t worry.  We will make another manufacturing run on those items at the end of this month for January delivery.  The update also is for door pull rings too.  Power seat covers we will be able to fill most orders however, some folks may not get a set due to a sell out.  We will contact those that are effected by this via email and phones.

Coil pack covers in satin will start to ship the end of this week and all into the end of next.  Color and polish by the end of December and into early January.

Water necks are currently running.  Delivery on satin to start next week with color and polish in early to mid January

Strut covers all styles in satin will stat to ship the week of December 24th.  Color and polish items will go out in mid January.  Sorry guys we can’t improve that but we will work like mad once out lathes free up here within the next week.

Finally if you ordered a pedal kit we have shipped what we can with any back orders going out by mid January.  We need to run gas pedals and those will go on the machine the week of December 24th.

Be assured we are shipping T-Handles, Pistol Grips and shift inserts daily.  If you have not gotten yours products yet you will be getting them shortly as we are shipping in order or receipt.

Check back with this post on December 11, 2012 for indivudual product updates.

As always, if you have any questions or would like an update just give us a call its free 866-747-1684 or 561-582-6171.  You can also sent an email to support@billettechnology.com.


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