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Manufacturing Update February 19th, 2016

Manufacturing Update February 19th, 2016

Good afternoon everyone and thanks for stopping in to read the latest and greatest happenings here at BT. We always thank you for your support and appreciate you and your business. Lets go ahead and get started:

Stock Status

Stock status on each part is up to date as of February 18th. We do keep the Product Availability Section on each part up to date at least every 10 days so please keep that in mind when you are placing your order and also refer to the lead-time section within the product description to give you a general idea when we will be able to ship your parts.

ABS Covers

ABS Covers are finally shipping! Thank you everyone for your patience here. The bulk of the orders that came in were customs and we got them done and are getting them finished. We have 8 left off of this run, we believe once new pictures get posted and these start getting out and about people will be snapping them up especially those of you who are going out and purchasing the factory plastic cover to add our piece on in front of the fuse box. We are seeing some SUPER custom themes between the fuse box cover, and the ABS Cover and will get pictures up shortly on our Instagram account and Facebook feeds. Lots of creative folks in our community and we thank you for allowing us to bring your visions to life!!

Catch Cans

Next we have catch cans. Yes this is our most popular product and we thank you for choosing our brand. Its often imitated, yet not quite replicated to what is the finest finish and overall option choices in the marketplace. We know you have choices and we appreciate you and your support. With that said this product is continually in production it never stops running here. We manufacture over 500 units per month now all styles all finishes, with some months higher to individual North American customers, private label companies, and world wide.

We are shipping to you as quickly as possible and we are targeting being back on lead-times by next wee (up to two weeks satin, and possible 20 biz days color and polish). Please call us if you have any questions. We did have some red come in where the finish was rejected last month and we have most of those orders cleaned up and shipping.

Under Hood Kits

Under hood kits are still flying off the shelf, lots of customs, and lots of literally everything be it classic BT Design or Sigma Series. We are cutting it close for staying on the 20 business day lead-time but, baring any delays from finishes we should remain on that lead-time maybe just a tad bit out. Again, have a show, special occasion, or a need by date? Let us know so we can work with you to do our very best to make that happen.

Fuse Box Covers

Fuse box covers are coming back into stock including the group buy 2005-2007 models. We will begin shipping those out if you have not already received yours starting late next week again.

Sill plates

If you participated with Nick Billet on his group buy we have started to ship some of those kits. We do have them all back in from color and as soon as we have open machine time we will sneak those in to finish them up. We hope to clear them all out by the middle part of March or sooner.

Coil Pack Covers

Coil pack covers will be running again the second week of March tentative. That may change but we are doing our best to hold that line on those.

Devo Strut Covers

We are out of stock on devo strut covers again and will run them in early March. Uni-strut covers are back in stock and shipping daily.

Composite Catch Can Bottoms

Finally we know many of you are waiting for your composites. We have changed material suppliers and material in general to a stronger kevlar based composite. While not as “pretty” as version one, the second version is more durable and still see thru quality. Will address that in a separate post next week with pictures. We only buy US Certified materials, and we rely on those certs to be accurate. We cannot see any material imperfections that may occur unless we put the material under a high powered scope something we don’t have to see any microscopic stress fractures.

The batch we ran over the holidays had an extremely high return rate and it was stress cracks leading to some failures. This is why we put a material hold on. We will be ready to release again to customers with current orders within the next two weeks. Test under extreme vacuum on our test stand that we made as well as under intense heat in our oven what we like to say “on TV.” We are putting the composites to the cold and heat test back to back under both extremes next week and then we will be ready to launch out again.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have both those waiting for a composite and those who already have one. We have been in communication with all folks who have backorders pending so thank you.

That should about wrap it on the most important pressing concerns here at the shop. If we can answer your questions, field your concerns or you just want to check in we are here for you and ready to assist. Thank you again for the support and your trust.

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