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Manufacturing Update March 9th, 2016

Manufacturing Update March 9th, 2016

Good afternoon folks and thank you for checking in. This is our latest manufacturing update for March 9, 2016. We have a lot of important information to go over with this update so please take a few minutes of your day to read it and of course if you have any questions at all please just give us a call.

We are also sending this exact update out via newsletter today to all our customers with open orders in order that we can get everyone up to speed quickly. With that lets get started.

Park Lock Outs

We are now back in stock on Park Lock Outs. We do appreciate everyone’s patience and understood why some folks had to cancel and go elsewhere. We should have plenty of stock moving into the spring and summer months and will continue the free shipping promo on these for the foreseeable future. If you see this part elsewhere for lower would you please allow us the opportunity to price match? Thank you in advance.

3MM Spacers

We do know we have quite a few orders for 3MM Spacers and we sold out of those pretty quickly during the holiday sales. We have material here now and will start shipping everyones backorders the week of March 13th. We will have plenty of stock moving forward and we do appreciate those who stuck around and waited for us to manufacture these again.

Fuse Box Covers

2005-2007 Charger, Magnum and 300 Fuse Box covers are being manufactured now. All group buy orders will start shipping in satin the week of March 28th with colors and polish to follow within 10 days. We are leaving the group buy up on the website until we sell out. We will have stock after we fill all pre-orders therefore, if you are interested in getting one of these fuse box covers and have any questions please give us a call.

While on the subject of fuse box covers we are moving them like hotcakes here, with the bulk of those being sold being custom images. At the present time we are sold out on all covers from 2011 all the way to 2016 all models. We are just setup again to start manufacturing and will have first pieces off this week. Satin will start to ship the week of March 21st again with all color and polish covers filled by mid April including customs. If you are looking at placing an order for a fuse box cover you may want to jump on board now while we are running them again. If you have any questions please call us.

Dodge Ram and Dodge Durango Fuse Box Covers we have a half dozen on order now. We will be shipping all those backorders out by mid April. Thank you so much for you patience.

Coil Pack Covers

Coil Pack Covers are going on the week of March 21st. We have material here and we usually knock those our pretty quickly. All orders in machine satin will ship the week of March 28th with color and polish including custom orders by mid April. We will have extras on this run so if you have been waiting to place an order now would be the time. Those move fast once stock in replenished.

Currently we have 6 backorders for 2005-2007 shifter plates for the Nag One trans. We will run those again in mid April. This is the last run. If you don’t wish to wait please send us an email or call in and we will gladly cancel your order for you. This has been a product that has stopped selling over the past couple of years, we do appreciate all who have purchased over the years, and thank you to our current and potential customers for your interest.


We are currently sold out of waternecks again. This has been a product that really has picked up here over the past several months. We will double our next production run that will start the first week of April with Satin deliveries staring in mid to late April colors and polish late April.

Manifold Baffle Covers

Manifold Baffle Covers we have 7 current backorders right now. We will do another production run the second week of April with all backorders filled by the end of April.

Devo Style Strut Covers

Devo Style Strut Covers we sell a lot of these and we currently are manufacturing the next production run now. We have 52 back orders not counting supplying FCA. All satin back orders will ship during the week of March 21st, with all color and polish orders shipping by early April.

Throttle Body Cover & H.C. Bypass Valve Covers

2013 and up Throttle Body Cover as well as Hellcat Bypass Valve Covers are sold out. We will make our next production run in early April with all back orders and current business. We can custom engrave on this part also so if you have something specific in mind please let us know.

Door Lock Kits

Door lock kits will be back in stock by the end of this week (March 18th).

Door Sill Plates

Door Sill Plates we are running another group buy with Nick Billet please email him to nick@billettechnology.net and he can help assist you with setting up your order.

Under Hood Caps/Kits

All under hood caps we are in continual production for these pieces now. With show season coming up on all of us quickly we are doing our absolute best to stay ahead of the curve and keep on lead-times or sooner. Please, if you have a show you know you will be attending and want some BT Bling reach out to us the earlier the better. More and more of our clients are doing full custom themes on their BT products we will need the time to work with you, and then transfer your vision on to our parts.

Catch Cans

Catch Cans in satin we are shipping daily again we have plenty of stock and we will have stock on all finishes all colors ready to ship within 48 hours or ordering by the end of March and that will be continual moving forward. See a look alike product lower? Contact us we will work with you to get you the best product on the market at the best price period!


Finally we know many of you are seeing the lead-times slip a bit on some of the products (mostly under hood kits). We usually have a lull in business on the BT Brand side from mid December right on through mid February. This has not been the case at all this winter. If anything we are seeing record new business and we want to thank each and everyone of you for your support. We understand you have a choice and we are extremely grateful that you are choosing to do business here. We do not take that for granted and we want you to have your items as quickly as possible.

Dollar for dollar no on gives you the value that Team BT does in so far as superior workmanship, R&D, and hands on experience. You can always pick up the phone and speak to a partner or owner here every day during normal business hours and many times very early in the morning and into the evening. Emails are returned promptly, communication is important to us. The only time you may see that “slip” is if staff is traveling to an event such as a race or various car shows we help sponsor all year long.

We don’t come to these events to sell you a thing we come to them because we enjoy our relationships with you. Yes, there may be times we all will not get along, but we have the same passion you do for the automobile. We are there as enthusiasts and we are forever thankful you invite us to your events and allow us to be a small part of your ownership experience.

Thank you again.

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