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Manufacturing Update May 5, 2016

Good afternoon everyone and thank you for your support. Your phone calls and emails have been amazing. We truly do appreciate you and thank you. Lets get started with this weeks update.

Catch Cans

Catch cans are shipping daily in order of receipt all finishes all styles. Team BT private labels to mover than two dozen companies worldwide and we are in continual production. If you are interested in on of our catch can’s and would like to know the ETA on any of our finishes we offer just give us a call or send an email on in. We do have a lot of color out right now for inventory as well as to fill current business.

Valve Covers

We have made our group buy minimum. Material is order and scheduled for delivery right after Memorial Day. Production will begin the first week of June with satin orders shipping by the 3rd week of June and all color, polish and designer cut orders thru July. If you are going to Carisle and have a set on order or are planning on placing an order prior to the group buy close please let us know so we can schedule your order accordingly.

2005-2007 Shift Inserts

Demand has been there and we have been taking your names on a “will call” basis. Therefore, after reconfirming with those of you who asked to be put on a waiting list, we are manufacturing this product again right now. Delivery to start late May until completed. We will have some extras left and after those sell out we will but this item back on the discontinue list.

Challenger Front Nose Badges/Rear deck lid badges

We are sold out now and no more orders will be taken. If you are interested in this product please give us a call to be added to the will call list. If we have enough interest we can bring this product back for a limited run very much as we did with the shift inserts.

2012 and up Jeep, Durango and Ram Fuse Box Covers

These covers are running and all backorders are starting to ship now. We have limited supplies left off this run. Please give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions. These move sporadically and seem to be hot and cold. Production is always based on the demand.

Strut Covers Devo Style

These are in manufacturing now. Delivery to start week of May 23rd and filling in order of receipt. Color and polish back orders will be going out for finish sometime the week of May 23rd so expect late May and early June to clear all backorders and current business.

EGR Block Off

We ran out of stock late in April, but we went ahead and ran off a few in between setups. While this product is not a hot seller, we do go in spurts on this also. Lots of people buying the older LX Platform vehicles and putting motors in them for racing so you will need this in order to tune your car.

Hood Props

We have made a design change to “one size” all in so far as the diameter goes. We are manufacturing now and will start shipping sometime the week of May 23rd or sooner.

Water necks

Water necks are back in stock and shipping in satin daily. Color and polish per lead-time or sooner.

Update on Anodize

Folks we know you have been waiting on a lot of our different finishes as it relates to ALL of our products. Anodize has been averaging close to one month now on turn around. When we sent out this last batch to be done we sent extra up to account for the extended lead-times as it relates to this outside process.

We also sent most of you an email last week as it relates to any open blue orders you may have with us. Unfortunately that blue came back with lack of overall coating, was rough, and blotchy all over. The good bulk of that was rejected in QC. Only a very limited supply of strut covers were passed an ultimately sent on in for packaging and order fulfillment. We have sent all of it back for strip and replate. Anyone effected by this situation we are expediting your order as soon as it comes back in. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Closing and wrap up

That about wraps it for this edition of our Manufacturing Update. We are in very good shape inventory wise on just about everything we offer with the exception of the items stated above. When in doubt you can always check the “Availability” of each product on when you can expect us to ship your order.

Please keep in mind we are coming up on show season with many of you attending various event now through the fall. If you are in need of something and need a delivery in time for a certain event please let us know ahead of item(s) so we can plan accordingly. We make ever effort to get you your parts in time for shows or events as long as we know ahead.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please just give us a call or send us an email.

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