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Manufacturing Update October 19th, 2016

Manufacturing Update October 19th, 2016

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to the latest and greatest going on here at the facility. As we must always start each update we say a simple and heartfelt thank you. It’s been a wild 12 months and you, our customers have not wavered. We appreciate your loyalty, support and most important your trust. With that said let’s get started on this weeks update.

Catch Cans

This is a product always in production. We are shipping them as fast as we build them, and our private label business is booming. Please be assured that we are shipping in order of receipt and as quickly as possible. Product is in and out of here several times a week going to and coming back from color and polish. With that said all satin catch cans, thru October 7th are in assembly, all color is accounted for thru the 7th and either out to plate, or coming back in.

Please be patient we are looking at ways to expand the production on this item due to demand. We do realize you have choices with many of the exact look alike items out there and we always thank you for your support and business. We will meet and beat any price on any look alike product just provide us the details and we will do so. If you need an update just give us a call or send an email on in and we will be very happy to assist you.

Hood Props

We have 75 backorders at this time. We do have many sets that have shipped and we have shipped in order of receipt or to those specifically asking for an expedited delivery ahead of time to meet a show or special function.

That leaves us with 75 folks needing their kits. Sadly we will not be able to even get this back into production until sometime in December. We will make an effort to get a limited run of 100 or so sets in before that time frame to clean those up, but our lathes are booked thru early spring of 2017 not just with the continual catch can run but with contract work.

We are very seriously looking at bringing in another piece of equipment to help ease some of the manufacturing stress. This is both a good problem (business good) and bad problem (angry customers waiting). We get it folks and we understand many of you will not want to wait. We are sending emails out to those affected with special offers or incentives to continue to wait and if you don’t want to we fully understand.

If you paid by Paypal which as you know is instant we will immediately refund your money on that if you request. If you paid by card we have not charged you yet. If you have not received your hood prop covers please stay tuned to your email box for a message from us regarding this. We are shooting for a December delivery on these and will do all we can to make it happen sooner if at all possible.

Water Necks

Water Necks are sold out. We will be running them in early November delivery all through November and we will be building stock to take us through the holiday season.

Unistrut Covers

Unistrut Covers are sold out however, we will be running them again Halloween week. Backorders will start to ship all through November. We will build enough inventory to carry us through the holiday season.

Fuse Box Covers

Fuse box covers are running we expect little to no delays on these orders.

Coil Pack Covers

Coil Pack Covers will be running next week. Get your orders in soon we are nearly half way sold out on this run. Thank you to everyone who has been waiting and for all new orders who have come on board since we announced October would be our next run on these.

Other Products

We are in good shape on all of our other products. We realize we have some back orders on purple, black, green, orange and blue. All those colors are back in thru October 5th so we can get them wrapped up and shipped with the exception of green. Our next green will be going out next week for color.

Shipping Policy Change: Signatures

Finally we need to let everyone know that any order over $50 will be requiring a signature. Please pay close attention to your invoice copy. All billings are coming fromVertex Precision Inc, it says so at the bottom of your invoice copy in blue and bold. We unfortunately are dealing with a rash of charge backs on items shipped where customers are not fully understanding BT is just a brand name. When in doubt call us.

After speaking with our merchant provider and to help alleviate the headaches here we have no choice but to require a signature on orders over $50. Please call us with any questions or concerns you may have about this.

Team BT make every effort to communicate with you our policies and they are part of your invoice with helpful links. We want to do all we can to ensure you receive the best made products with all the information you need concerning your order right at your fingertips.


That will close out this edition of our MFG Update. If you are not following Nick Billet over on his FB page and you are on social media go give him a friend request as he will be doing his Free Halloween giveaway on October 28th. Give him a like to learn how to win a full bag of treats courtesy of Team BT.

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