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Manufacturing Update September 30th, 2016

Manufacturing Update September 30th, 2016

As we push on past September and into the last quarter of 2016 we thank you! It’s been a wild year to be certain, and your BT Team appreciates your support and more importantly your trust. In this our 10th year of Billet Technology, we thank you.

You may have notice a few tweeks to the website. WE have more surprises in store for you for the remainder of the year, and we will be featuring some of our favorite cars and clients in our banner as we wrap up 2016 and the decade of Billet Technology. If you would like to be featured please email us to support@billettechnology.net with pictures of your ride, you and your BT Bling installed.

Now let’s get to the latest and greatest on the manufacturing and outside services here at the shop.

Coil Pack Covers

Material will be here the second week of October we have a deep list on pre-orders we appreciate all of you who have been waiting for the next round especially those who are now getting their valve covers. If you are interested in getting a set now would be the time to think about placing your order. Delivery on satin coil pack covers will start at the end of October and color and polish should be right in that time frame too.

Transmission Cap Covers

These are running low, however we will be running them the first week of October therefore, there should be no delays as it relates to under hood kits.

Water Necks

We are running low on water necks right now and will be running them again in late October.

Uni-Strut Covers

This is one of our most popular products and we just sold our last set a few days ago. We will be running these again in the next two weeks with delivery to start the 3rd week of October in satin color and polish shortly thereafter.

Fuse Box Covers

We are running low on fuse box covers however, we will be fully restocked and on lead-time by mid October.

Old School Shifter Ball

This is a really popular product here and we have very low stock right now. The next manufacturing run will be the 3rd week of October.

Valve Covers

All valve covers orders have either shipped or are being completed. All polish covers have shipped, and all color is back and is prepping to ship or is wrapping designer cuts. All orders that have not shipped will be out the door the first week of October. We are completely sold out this run the response was amazing. As a result of that we will be doing another sometime in December. We will announce that when we are getting ready to order material.

Catch Cans

All styles of catch cans are in continual production. We have plenty of satin in stock, however, please allow 3-7 days from date of order to shop on satin. It may very well be sooner, however, our private label biz is always hoping and we produce for other makes and models for 3rd party resale, therefore we have more than a dozen options for building cans thus allowing for assembly. All color and polish is staying on lead-time or sooner. Speaking of catch cans, the 2017 Jeep can mount will be redesigned for proper fitment and we will be ready to ship to you all withing the next couple of week on that end.

Wrap Up

We are continually sending parts out to color and polish several times per week. We are staying on schedule for lead-time with a slight delay on some reds, and oranges, but those bottlenecks are quickly closing off as we enter into the fall season. As always if you would like an update or need any information please just send us an email or give us a call for the latest and greatest information. We always do our best to keep the product availability information up to date so that when you are considering one of our items the most current info is there.

Thank you again for your support and trust.

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