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Manufacturing Update September 8, 2016

Manufacturing Update September 8, 2016

It always seems redundant, but we always must start each of these updates off with a huge thank you for your support. We have a little bit to chat with you about so pull up a chair and let’s get started.

Labor Day Sale

The Labor Day Sale was a huge hit thank you all again. We took a significant amount of business in over the course of that four day sale. We have sorted and routed each order to begin work, route to assembly, prepare for outside process and or ship what is in stock. We do have some important information to share with you guys and gals so please check out those details below on whats low stock, out of stock what’s hot, and whats heading out or coming back from outside services.

Items Out of Stock, Low Inventory, or Of Note

Unistrut Covers

Unistrut Covers sold out during the sale. We will run them again at the end of the month. We have all orders through August 24th covered. Many orders that were in house prior to that date are shipping the remainder of this week as they are just coming out of engraving. Satin orders will be pushed back until right around the end of September color and polish from August 24th will be around the first week of October. Dates could change so please give us a call or send us an email if we can help assist or you need the most up to date info.

Washer Fluid Caps

2011 and Up are sold out but we are manufacturing them right now and will be fully replenished. Most orders should stay on the current lead-time schedule. We made a slight design change to this part to accommodate folks with 2016 builds that started in January 2016. The previous design cap was not fitting on some Hellcat models. We have designed a one size fits all now for a sure and snug fit.

Wheel Center Caps

Wheel Center Caps 2.5″ only we are completely sold out. Most of the center cap order we sell are made to order and custom. This product should not really be effected for those of you that ordered the sale as the bulk of you who did provided a custom image for us to do. Please allow 4-6 weeks for us to get those completed and shipped. 2″ Wheel Center Caps we do have plenty of stock on those.

Hood Shock Prop Covers

Hood shock prop covers we have some random sets on the shelf (older purple pre color change, some blues and Durango/Jeep props). These sets always move quickly. The next run on those will be towards the end of the month with satin starting to ship later this month color and polish early October.

Beverage Deletes

Beverage Deletes are sold out. While we did take some orders for these during the sale this product is not a hot seller here at BT. Again, most customers order this product and want their own designs or concepts on them. The few we took are this way so we will stay on the custom lead-time for this item.

For everyone else who is browsing and considering this item we will be manufacturing them again within the next month. Looking to be the first week of October (possible) sooner to get these in and replenished for the 4th quarter.

Throttle Body & Hellcat Bypass Valve Covers

2013 and up Throttle Body Covers as well as Hellcat Bypass Valve Covers are sold out. Manufacturing on these will start sometime this month. Shipping will resume the towards the end of the month.

Oil Caps

Oil Caps (5.7, 392, Pentastar) are sold out. Material is coming in today manufacturing will start early next week. We should stay on lead-time.

Catch Cans

Catch cans are fully stocked in satin. This item is in continual manufacturing and assembly, and shipping here at the shop. We never stop manufacturing this product. Every 3 days we have a material drop to feed the beast. This is our most popular product between individual orders here and our private label business for multiple platforms.

If you need quicker turnaround on a satin catch can please call us to place your order so we can get it ready for your quickly. We have colors and polish that go out several times pers week here and we continually receive colors and polish back at least once per week. As fast we stock inventory we sell out.

We know you have choices, many of them EXACT look alikes, and companies that use word play with the words “billet” or “technology” in the description. We appreciate your business and always be assured your product is assembled and built specifically to what you order. We will PRICE MATCH any one with an exact look alike can. Just email us the offer you received from a competitor to receive the instant match.

Fuse Box Covers

2008-2014 Challenger Fuse Box Covers as well as 2008-2010 Charger and 300 covers are sold out. Material is coming in next week we will start manufacturing again the 3rd week of September. Satin covers will start to ship later this month and into early October. Color and polish will start to ship the second week of October.

2005-2007 Fuse Box Covers the initial group buy offering is now sold out. Thank you to all the old school owners who participated in the spring and summer. If you are interested in having Billet Tech manufacture this again please give us a call to be added on to the list. We do bring products back from time to time based on demand, and the 05-07 fuse boxes have always been popular for us to do so.

Valve Covers

Valve Covers in Satin are shipping. Color and polish are out for processing. Those orders without designer cut we will ship immediately as soon as the kits come back in. Designer cut items kits will route to the shop floor immediately after we receive them back from finish and clear an inspection check. All orders will be gone by the first week of October or sooner.

Coil Pack Covers

Coil Pack Covers the material for those is due in the last week of September manufacturing to start early October, with shipping all through the month of October. Did you purchase as set of our valve covers on this last run and do not have the coil packs or wish to add them? Now may be a good time as this will be the last run for that product in 2016.

Outstanding Orders

Now to the heart of some of your orders still outstanding. Many parts are back from outside processes and in the engrave que. We do appreciate you and your patience. Please do call us for the latest and greatest.

Also be mindful that we have been in the extended lead-time frame and will start to settle into that fall pattern in the next few weeks. We do provide those useful and helpful links at the bottom of the website footer section and on your invoice for a reason to keep you informed, as well as help you make a decision if you wish to shop here. With that let’s get to what’s up with the plating and polish.

plating and polish

Orders from July 14th to August 25thin clear anodize are due back in from the plater this week. Your orders will be inspected and sorted to either final process or shipping.

Orders from August 5th to August 24thin blue are due back in from the plater this week. Your orders will be inspected, and sorted to either final process or shipping.

Orders from August 5th to August 25th in black are due back in from the plater this week. Your orders will be inspected and sorted to either final process or shipping.

Orders from July 14th to August 24th in red are due back in from the plater this week. Your orders will be inspected and or sorted to either final process or shipping.

All powder coat from August 11th to September 1st will be back early next week. This includes fittings and white.

We have purple, orange, red, blue black and matte black anodize going to plate early next week. This will cover the majority of the orders from the past 2 weeks.

To close it up, we once again thank you for your support and your trust. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to give us a call for assistance.

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