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Manufacturing Update February 14th, 2018

MFG Update February 14th, 2018

Good afternoon everyone and a very Happy Valentine’s Day from our team to you.  As we always want to start out each update, our sincerest thanks for the support and trust you always place in us.  Lets get started.

Why & How BT Operates

If you have been paying attention to our weekly updates you are familiar with the amount of product that actually is moving through the facility.  Yesterday we decided to make a quick video and as we had a discussion with members over on Nick Billets Facebook page this perfectly sums up why in a conversation we were having with LX & Beyond Founder Anthony Carter (and 10 year BT customer):

“We prefer to keep the selfie sticks down and not take one hour “look at me” videos every day. People think we have this huge facility we don’t. For those that keep up with the updates its pretty clear how much is really moving through here just in colors and polish alone. Satin pieces rarely make the updates since we already keep blanks in continual production rotation and usually have those shipped to customers within a couple weeks.

When people come to visit the shop they are blown away. All the parts here, every piece is SOLD.[sentence clairfied for this post] We continually build our most popular items in rotation every month. We have a clear method why we do what we do. Inventory is taxable. We keep very little of it and build to order, because we have a small tight crew we can be flexible some of us work into a split session so we can continue to get machine time until 8-10 at night.

All those links on your invoice, the thank you page if you self checked out, and at the bottom of the website clearly define how we work. Our method is not for everyone we get it. For those that want the superior product we are here for that client. It’s that simple and one of the primary reasons we stay off fan pages and drive on by the chatter. It’s all clearly laid out prior to anyone placing their order and we don’t steal other peoples designs or engineering methods and claim them as our own (the two chambered top catch can comes to mind).  

Team BT Update Video

Please take a look at the video below if you are not on Nick Billets Facebook page to have a bit better understanding on how the team works here and why.

Finishes Which are Back

We will be receiving our purple and orange back in this afternoon, so we have gone ahead and updated those finishes accordingly as be back.  If you have been following along with us, you know those have been out for about a month. Team BT will get started sorting those items and get them in for final processes stat.  

Finishes Out at Plate

The following finishes are still out and at plate from February 7th.  The titanium is due back first on that round and we expect it any day.

  • Black
  • Clear anodize (both standard and matte)
  • Titanium (both standard and matte)
  • Blue (both standard and matte)

Finishes in Final Process

We currently are busy wrapping up final processes on a bunch of the red, titanium and matte black finishes as well as satin machine finish items that were on our last update for items in the engrave que and assembly.  

Upcoming Finishes

With the posting of the video will also follow up a bit on some of the finishes we are currently bundling in preparation for outside processes that still need to go out for finish:

  • Green
  • Polish
  • Blue (both standard and matte)
  • Red (both standard and matte)
  • Black (both standard and matte)
  • Orange
  • White
  • Yellow

Will be getting up to plating and polish again before the end of the week.  We value our suppliers and the work they do and we partner with the best to ensure you receive only the best finishes.  Frankly we don’t deal with bottom feeders and we refuse junk.  We are selective in what companies handle our parts.  We pay more for quality and will wait for the best period.  

Coolant Tank Covers

We are on schedule with the coolant tanks to start shipping those in satin possibly as soon as Friday. All satin covers regardless will be shipping starting next week.  The second wave of material has arrived in the facility also to fill all color and polished coolant tank covers for clients with orders in here now.

We have 3D machined a lip into the lower right hand corner of the tank to allow for your hood to close.  We discussed this modification in January rather than have you play around with the factory hood latches.  The third wave of material is due in next week and that material will allow us to put product on the shelf in blank for future business.  

Stock Status

Finally all products are up to date as far as availability on the site.  The following items we currently do not have stock on.  Please note scheduling may change, for any number or reasons, and if it does will update you here in the MFG Updates blog.

  • Coil Pack Covers:  No stock.  Next run scheduled seond week of March 2018.
  • Hellcat Water Necks:  Material is here.  Satin will start to ship within 10-14 days.  Colors and polish starting in early March.  
  • 392 PCV Cap and PCV Cover: we are sold out.  Next MFG Run early March.
  • 6.1 Oil Caps pushed back to end of February
  • Ram / Durango Fuse Box Covers:  Next MFG Early March
  • Brake Fluid Caps 2.5″: size sold out next run early March
  • Devo Strut Covers: are coming off the machine now. Satin is shipping color and polish will start to go to plate next week and shipping will start again shortly thereafter.  We have inventory now on the shelf for future business.
  • Uni-Strut Covers: all orders through mid January are covered.  We are currently out of stock with the next MFG Run pushed to early March 

As always folks if you have any questions or need any help please do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone.  We are live Monday through Friday 6:00 A.M. EST until 3:30 P.M. EST



Orders Back From Purple (Standard & Matte) February 14th, 2018

Order # Notes
79616 custom engrave
79720 all items
79741 under hood kit and throttle body cover
79761 all items
79799 all items and custom
79856 all items
79933 under hood kit matte purple. Fuse box needs mfg. Other parts need matte red
79975 all items and added beverage deletes
80024 all pieces
80082 custom
80104 all items and custom
80274 all pieces
80304 all items and matte purple
80310 all items less bypass valve cover needs mfg
80460 all items
80982 all items
81119 all items



Orders Back From Orange February 14th, 2018

Order # Notes
79730 all items
79874 catch can only matte orange. Balance shipped
79877 all pieces
79993 all pieces
80072 all items less fuse box that piece is in mfg
80157 all items less TB Cover, fuse box and coolant tank cover those are in manufacturing
80182 all pieces and in matte orange
80221 all pieces less radiator cap cover, super charger coolant cap cover and bypass valve all being mfg now
80341 all items
80673 all pieces
80748 under hood kit only
81100 all items less unistrut covers, fuse box, bypass valve hellcat water neck and coolant tank cover all in mfg this month



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