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The Encore Sale - Post Show Update

The Encore Sale – Post Show Update

A HUGE thank you for you support in this, The Encore Countdown Sale!

First thing we want to address is the issues folks were having with Paypal during the sale. We apologize for this.

Our shopping cart provider, Volusion, performed an update overnight on the 20th.  That seemed to have broken the link for Paypal Instant Payments.  Please accept our apologies.  Y’all did great and adapted and just used a credit card.

Remember Paypal is instant anyway so we are not holding your money and we will charge your card the 30% to begin work starting next week and the balance upon shipment.  

If anyone wants to switch to Paypal, please:

  1. Send an email to support@billettechnology.net with your order number and PayPal Address
  2. BT will then send you a PayPal money request
  3. When we receive the funds from the PayPal request, BT will then void the credit card preauthorization
  4. BT will not void the CC Authorization until the money is received from the PayPal request.

Will get that Paypal instant payment link fixed here ASAP after we can talk to Volusion support about the fix.  Your credit card remained safe and secure and there were absolutely no hiccups on merchant services side.

Cheers to all, we appreciate you so much!

The Countdown Sale our bond with you

The countdown sale is a true labor of love for us and our gift to our loyal and faithful customers. Please respect the spirit of the sale and the fun that we  put into it for you and with you.

Over the years however, as the countdown went from literally 28 orders in 2007 to thousands of orders over the past couple of years combined, and as some items ran out of stock, we simply could not put some of those items on to run until many months later because the run quantities were so low (we do have to have a “lot” minimum that we must meet to begin even the smallest production runs). In those rare circumstances when that did happen (and it does every year) The BT staff took some abuse by a small minority of the folks who participated.

Please understand we are on your side. We want you to have your parts as quickly as possible and most importantly be proud of what you receive. The last thing any of us here at Team BT wants is for you to have a bitter taste in your mouth when you open up your box of items.

The 2015 Countdown Sale was the most challenging and the 2016 event was equally so. We accounced that 2016 would be the finale but due to your emails, calls, and messages The Encore event was born.

With the above said, please understand we simply cannot tolerate language or bodily threats if we move out past what you may consider a reasonable time. We are here to answer your questions now that the sale is complete including updating you with order status information (more on that to follow). Sometimes those updates may not be what some will want to hear and sometimes the days may slip as we become more reliant on outside services towards the end of the process. Please don’t abuse our staff for that. If you feel this may be a problem or you have a set time limit you need your parts by then then the count down sale will not be for you.  

Concerns? Questions? Please call us. We are here for you and here to answer all those questions and more.

In closing as we wrap up this historic day our team would once again like to express our gratitude for your support and your trust.

From the Billet Technology family to you and your family we wish you a very Happy Holiday Season.

Frequently asked Questions Post count down

Did you leave a voice mail during the countdown event or send an email needing assistance here is what to expect:

We will return all calls left during the sale hours of those who could not get through starting on Monday, November 27th.  Our goal is to have everyone helped by the close of business November 30th.  

If you sent an email in as we instructed during the sale because you could not get through on the phone we will begin answering thos emails and calling you back also starting on November 27th.  Our goal there is to also have everyone helped by November 30th.

If you do not hear back from us by the 30th please call us. Things to get missed and its not intentional.  Help us help you then.

Will my count down order get to me in time for Christmas or the Holiday Season:

  • Due to the volume received during the countdown event we can not promise a Holiday or Christmas Delivery.
  • Please know that we will do all we can to accommodate anyone that is needing a holiday delivery. We simply ask that you put in your order comments that you are hoping to have a Christmas delivery.
  • Please be mindful also that the standard 20 business day lead-time is going to move out. As part of your invoice copy we do provide you a link to our lead-times and you can also view that information right here prior to placing an order BilletTechnology.net/bt/order-information/order-lead-times/. In other words the 20 business day lead-time is “out the door” during the holiday season. Many of our suppliers close the last two weeks of the year. The BT Team is about family, and we also take time during Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years week to spend time with our loved ones and family.

Will you keep me informed about my order status after I place my count down order?

  • Absolutely we will keep you informed as your order progresses through the manufacturing process.

This year we are going to do things a little different than in prior years, and every week, and as often as a couple of times a week we will be posting our Manufacturing Updates. On the invoice copy you receive from us as well as the “Thank You Page” when you complete your order online a link is provided to the Manufacturing Updates Section.

In the past we provided a “boiler plate” email with your order status update. Due to the extreme volume of orders this method bogged down staff where we could have been directing our efforts towards the manufacturing process, and the day to day tasks of running our shop. As a small company it became almost unmanageable. This year we will be updating through our Manufacturing Updates Section of the website and for those new to this that link can be found below in blue just point and click to open.

Manufacturing Updates

In those Manufacturing Updates we will of course bring you all the latest and greatest news, and in addition to that we will be providing a “Scheduling Tables” section that will be comprised of the following:

  • Orders that need Manufacturing
  • Orders Pending to go to outside services (anodize, polish, powder coat)
  • Orders out at Anodize (color)
  • Orders out at Polish
  • Orders on hold (we will email you if that is the case with additional details this will be rare if an order is placed on hold).
  • Orders in assembly (catch cans)
  • Orders Awaiting Customer Input (custom orders that need customer approval prior to proceeding).

In each of these scheduling tables you will find your order number. All orders in each table will be placed in numerical order. If your order has multiple items that are in multiple stages of the manufacturing process we will indicated it on the table. 

Holiday Closures and Scheduling that will effect operations at Billet Tech.  

Be mindful that The Billet Technology facility will be closing at 2:00 P.M. Tuesday, November 21st thru Sunday, November 26th for Thanksgiving. Just like you we believe the holiday season is about spending time with family and loved ones. In today’s busy world the Holidays are a time to gather with the people you are about. We do not work our people on “Black Friday” nor do we work any major holidays. This is why as a core group we have been together for all these years and thats because of family.

As we also approach Christmas week and New Years Week shipments inbound from outside services (anodize, powder coat or polish) will begin to come to a standstill. Many of our valued suppliers shut down the last two weeks of the year to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Your BT Team will be working however, we will have a very limited schedule both Christmas and New Years week. Of course we will keep you posted on the Billet Technology Website in our Manufacturing Updates and via newsletter regarding our days and hours of operations those last two weeks of 2017.

Finally in closing once again, we cannot stress enough that your orders have a very good chance of going out past the 20 business day lead-time. We will be working very hard to get your orders processed and finished as quickly as possible. We ask you for your patience in so doing. Please be mindful when you received your invoice copy in your email box after your order is placed there is a Help/FAQ Section within that invoice that has links to manufacturing updates, lead-times, payment details, and information related to any custom orders you may place during the sale. Please take a moment to click those links and become familiar with them. We are always upfront and honest with what to expect and do our best to stay on point even during the holidays.

Did you charge me when I placed my count down order?

No we did not charge you when you placed your order we only preauthorized your credit card. Your order may be subject to a 30% deposit charge prior to us processing and then shipping your order. This information will be on your invoice copy on the order notes and it also located on the BT website.

If you paid with Paypal your payment will be instant. Years ago Team BT did the honor system with Paypal but unfortunately we had to stop doing that after too many folks did not pay for their orders (many being customs). Please be aware of the extended lead-times if you are paying with paypal. Call us before initiating a dispute. If you dispute your charge before attempting to reach out to us we will automatically refund your dollars and cancel the order. The Team here is not out to take your cash and then not deliver your products. Please reach out via phone or email and we can assist you. Uncomfortable paying by Paypal? You can always use a major credit card on our website it is safe and secure or once again you can call us to make other arrangements.

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