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Important Message July 23 2012

An Important Message from Billet Tech

Dear friends:

There are points in time in your business where it’s important to reach out and speak directly to you all regarding the ongoing day to day operations of the facility.

First let me state that above all other things we at Billet Tech value you and your business. We care deeply about the quality of the products we bring out to our customers, and work hard every day to put our very best into every aspect of our operation.

Unfortunately sometimes orders do not go smoothly and the customer ends up on the wrong end of the stick. This is never intentional on our part, and the team here at Billet Tech wants you to know that the frustrations you feel are magnified ten fold on our end. In fact as the owner of the company it strikes a sharp pain to my heart.

The reason we are coming to you today is to give you all some information and to address a few concerns some of our new customers may have.

First we would like to have our readers view the following information linked here: http://www.challengertalk.com/forums/f5/billet-technology-huge-disappointment-82157/

Because BT is not a vendor on ChallengerTalk.com, we cannot reply to the customer in his thread. Therefore, we wanted to bring you our responses here. Perhaps we’ll help address any concerns some of you may have regarding our products, our delivery, our service and our commitment to you as well.

Number one, Billet Technology would like to apologize to the OP on this issue. We’ll also provide some general information that is not only useful to this person, but also may apply to any one of you reading this bulletin.

  • The order is question is green or Green With Envy (GWE). GWE is an exclusive color to one of our trusted vendor partners. It is a brand new color recently introduced late May of this year. We do not offer GWE thru our store or directly over the phone. You must contact our vendor partner to order this color.
  • The customer has been given information that fell out of what he was expecting and is rightfully upset. The information was given to the customer based on assurances BT was receiving from our supplier ( who performs the color process). We do not dispute this customer’s anger and in fact Billet Tech is doing what we can to correct the issue.
  • When the customer’s items where out for anodize several lots were done in one shade of green (the green the customer was expecting, GWE), and several lots were done in another shade of green. Unfortunately the customer’s parts were done in a dark green that would not have been a match for the customer’s under hood kit. This was out of our control and the parts were rejected by the quality control team at BT. To send parts to the customer that were not the correct color would be irresponsible on our part.
  • The parts were at anodize for 3 weeks prior to being run. The customer received a GWE under hood kit. At the time his order was placed throttle body covers and fuse box covers were on back order. At that time catch cans were in production.
  • Our website indicated these stock statues within the products, and our manufacturing updates were posted on our site to let folks know what was on schedule to be run over the past few months.
  • Those updates can be found in the news section of the site, as well as on the home page of billettechnlogoy.com.
  • As a result of this situation we have started a new Manufacturing Updates section, in which all future updates will be posted. There is a link to the Manufacturing Updates section at the top of the sidebar on both billettechnology.com and custombilletstore.com. Updates can still be found in the news section, and on the homepage of billettechnology.com. Here is the direct link to the Manufacturing Updates section: http://billettechnology.com/manufacturing-updates/
  • In his thread the customer stated the products were packaged poorly. This is not the norm for BT, the customer’s product did not drop ship from our facility, it shipped from our vendor. Packaging is important to us and all items are packed with great care when they leave our facility. Every package that leaves is fully insured and for any damages that may occur during the shipping process.
  • Some have questioned our commitment to bringing you timely news and information regarding our delivery schedules and production time frames. As previously mentioned, at least once per month and many times twice per month a BT update is posted in the news section of our site. All future monthly production updates will also be posted in a new Manufacturing Updates section.
  • Be assured that we do an inventory twice per month to see where products are getting low and update the product information.  You can find this info in the availability area of each part you are shopping for.
  • Newsletters updates: We are mindful of spam and we will only send a mass mailer to our customer and vendors when important information is necessary to communicate with you all. The redesigned BT site is updated frequently and includes all the necessary details you would need to stay informed.
  • Live status updates by line item is in beta test now and will go live for everyone very shortly. Not only will you now be able to see where you orders are at in the manufacturing process, you will now be able to instant message us within your order, and we will be able to respond back to you. When critical updates or scheduling impacts occur you will be notified immediately with this new system.
  • Payment via credit card are only preauthorized. Paypal is instant.
  • As long time customers know we used to do the honor system with Paypal until we ended up sitting on too many orders, not getting paid. We did not want to do this, but our accountant ultimately put his foot down, and ownership reluctantly agreed.
  • All Paypal payments are kept in trust in Paypal and only removed and deposited into our bank account when your order ships.
  • Anyone wishing a Paypal refund is given one immediately upon cancellation. Your funds are always there for you until your item ships.
  • We DO NOT use current orders to fund prior business.

In closing please be assured we have you and your satisfaction in mind each and every time. We never take your trust in us for granted, and always we will take our medicine both bad and good. We absolutely understand that we are only doing what we do because of you all.

When we started Billet Technology in December of 2006 it was our final shot at saving our business (Hurricane Wilma shut us down for nearly 6 months in October 2005). We had nothing left, and were close to closing our doors due to massive damage from three hurricanes. Our business was devastated close to the point of no return.

Now, nearly six years later after launching our product line, we have saved the business, made new friends and found a new level of success because of your generous support. Your support has allowed the Billet Technology brand to continue to grow each and every year.  We never forget where we come from.

Our gratitude, and appreciation for our customers is why BT strives to develop the best products we can, and to back those products with the customer support, you all deserve.

We certainly do make our fair share of mistakes.  When this happens and we will always treat you with respect and every employee is empowered to make all unfortunate situations right. Please allow us the opportunity do so. Once we have exhausted all avenues in attempts to satisfy you, and you’re still unhappy we’ll understand if you decide to part ways.  Know that we will do what ever it takes to keep that from happening.

Please be assured that we, the BT Team, does everything in our power to keep within projected lead-times however, as stated in the site on our lead-times page, at certain peak times we may run behind. We will of course update our customers thru the many channels listed within this message.

If you have not done so recently please take a look around the new BT site. The site  was redesigned with your direct feedback.  All helpful links about our procedures and processes are within easy reach. All the information you would like to know is one click away.

Of course if anyone has any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to say hello please call us or send us an email.

Sincerely yours,

Heidi & The Billet Tech Team

714 South East Coast Street, Lake Worth, Florida  33460
Email: support@billettechnology.net
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