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Billet Burgler Strikes Again

Billet Burglar Strikes Again

Our team here at Billet Technology has many many requests for Ford products with more specific request’s from Ford Mustang owners.  With our schedule the way it is we simply have not been able to meet the demands asked of us by these owners, and most importantly we do not drive that type of vehicle so our knowledge is limited at best.  We always pride ourselves on a turn key product for your type of car and most importantly a phone tech on the other end who not only answers your questions about our products for your car, but also has a good overall knowledge of every aspect of the vehicle.

With the above being said, we are extremely pleased and excited to let our friends with Ford’s know that our team has formed an alliance with the good folks at Silver Horse Racing (SHR).  Not only does Marcello the owner of Silver Horse Racing drive a Mustang, he is also very active in the Ford Mustang community as a whole.  Silver Horse proudly manufactures all their own products in Melbourne, Florida with emphasis on top quality, ORIGINAL designed products with exceptional service to match.  These are all key factors to our team here at BT when we enter into relationships with other companies and Marcello and his team at Silver Horse share the same values we do meaning top quality products at great prices, commitment to excellence, product evolution and real customer service without the smoke and mirrors sales pitches.

We invite our Ford Mustang owners to visit Silver Horse Racing by clicking their logo below that will link over to the SHR site.  We know you will be impressed with the quality, service and respect you deserve and will receive from the SHR Team.  Over the coming months BT and SHR will be working closely together on future products and forming additional alliances with like minded companies with the goal of giving customers a real alternative to a typical parts warehouse posing as a manufacturer where you really do not get any real value in the long run for that “lower price.”



Silver Horse Racing

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