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Billet Burglar Unmasked!

Billet Burglar Unmasked!

A picture really is worth a thousand words, but more importantly this image is why you only want to buy Official Billet Technology Products (more on that in a moment).

The BT Team received a call from a very nice, however upset lady, basically beside herself that the we had not sent her a new part after two weeks.  Once we explained to her that we did not have any record of her order, email address, or any information at all, she was really upset! She kept insisting that “they” say this is your part, your problem your fault. We did our best to calm her, and asked her to send us a picture of what she received and the shipping label/packaging.

Screenshot of Shipping Label from “Billet Depot”

UPR AKA Billet Depot's Park Lockout Returned to Billet Technology

Well after receiving the email it is very clear that this is not a BT part, the part is from our competitor right next door.  This company uses several aliases on eBay to run from a spotty reputation of poor customer followup and a total lack of quality control.

A whole machine op is missing from this Park Lock out piece thus making the part useless for, and leaving her still in a bind. This lady indicated she did not receive a spring, also indicating that the warehouse just shoved the part in a package and failed to double check that proper hardware was included.

A part should never leave any facility like this. The reason it does is because our competitor does not have the staff or ability to final inspect parts because no one there can read a print let alone machine a part.  They are a warehouse, plain and simple, passing themselves off as a manufacturer.

Our competitor will often times “co-opt” our similar address and proximity to each other making false claims to customers that “we” are one in the same.  We have heard this repeatedly by smart customers who have said that after calling the competitor that they just felt they were not being given the truth. We have multiple emails from our competitors customers stating the “we are all one big company.”

One of many examples of these poor business practices can be read right here in a public forum: LXFourms.com (click link to view)

Here at Billet Technology you may pay a few bucks more for our parts but we think thats worth your peace of mind.  We don’t have to use gimmicky catch phrase such as “unconditional lifetime warranty” on our parts.  We back up our service and support with real actions daily.

At Billet Tech you can count on the following:

  • All parts designed, engineered and machined in house at our facility.  No corners are cut and great care is taken to bring you the very best at a competitive price.  We do not outsource to anyone EVER.
  • One of the finest and best equipped QC Departments in South Florida staffed by Mr. Neal Singer who also doubles as our mechanical engineer.  Neal is a graduate of The University of Florida with honors and a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He is as smart and knowledgable as they come.  Over at our competitors non climate controlled warehouse you will be not find anyone with any applied manufacturing skills let alone a degree in the craft.
  • At BT we have original well thought our designs.  We do not copy other peoples work let alone make parts to look exactly like our competitors.  Our competition does this deliberately not only to our company but to many others in the industry all the while crying “free markets.”  Where is the honor when you source your parts out and someone else has already done the R&D?  No wonder their sell at “low prices.”  What good is the lifetime warranty if you can’t even get your parts made right let alone get a sales person on the other end of the phone that has a real working knowledge of that part and your car?  That warehouse next door they copy parts because frankly they do not have a clue how to make anything!  At BT you have folks here that are vested in you and your vehicle.
  • We never skimp on packaging.  All parts are boxed with care and concern. We drive your type of vehicle and we mod our cars.  We know how we want our own parts handled and we pass that care and concern over to you.

Billet Technology will never pretend to be any other company. We are certainly not perfect. We make mistakes daily and we have folks that will not be happy with us, but BT will never ever claim another company’s good name.

When a competitor has to stoop to claiming another company’s name to justify selling a part to the public, then you should be worried as a consumer. The “low price” is irrelevant when you have to deal with defective parts and the aggravation that goes hand in hand with it.  The warm and fuzzy feeling from the “great price” is replaced with regret and frustration.

At BT we do not fear competition. We respect good, honest original work and work well with many of our competitors. Its good business.

In closing always remember if your invoice doesn’t not have our name, our phone number and our address on your paperwork then its not a Billet Technology Part.


Screenshot of Email from Unhappy “Billet Depot”AKA UPR Products Customer


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