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Billet Tech Update July 25, 2012

Friends, we always want to start any of our updates with a big thank you for your support and trust.  We appreciate your business and never forget why it is that we do what we do due to your generous support. It’s been over a month since our last in depth update, so lets dive right in and get some information out to you guys and gals.

Valve Covers

  • The very last run of valve covers have been machined.  The last set came off just this morning.  Definitely a time to reflect on the fun time we had doing that project from start to finish a few years ago.  Here are the shipping dates.
  • Satin machined set yours will ship starting the week of July 30th.
  • Polish and color covers will be out the door for those finishes by August 3rd.
  • Everyone should ship, and that includes designer series sets by late August.
  • Valve Covers now will  go on the sign up sheet with a minimum of 13 needed to do another run.
  • We will no longer take orders.
  • The sets are still for sale on the store at this moment due to the fact that we have two sets left.

Coil Pack Covers

  • Coil Pack Covers are sold out.
  • The next run will happen sometime in middle to late October.

Under Hood Kits

  • Under hood kits all styles we are very very low and in fact sold out on some of the pieces.
  • We are building parts daily to fill your requirements.
  • Please be patient as we may run a week two behind our lead-times.
  • We are working hard to keep the lead-time right on the 20 business days.
  • Please refer to the under hood kit product codes and individual under hood kit pieces for availability.


  • T-Handles are shipping again!
  • We do know some of you guys have been waiting a while and we are fully stocked with inventory to last us thru late this year.
  • If you ordered a designer series or standard color T-Handle we will be starting to ship the week of July 30th.

Raptor Pistol Grips

  • Raptor Pistol Grips are shipping.
  • If you came on to the sign up sheet for those your wait is nearly over.
  • All of the Raptor Grips will be out the door by the second week of August.
  • We have a few left over from this group buy so give us a call or you can order online.
  • Online orders may be placed as long as the product is still for sale on the store.
  • Once we are sold out this product will go back on to the sign up sheet with a minimum number of 10 required to run again.

Beehive Strut Covers

  • Beehive strut covers have been discontinued.
  • Next time we run strut covers we will run off a few sets and offer them for sale again.
  • Look for that sometime in late September early October.

Water Necks

  • If you have a water neck on order we are machining them on July 30th.
  • Shipments to begin the first week of August.
  • All back orders will be filled by August 15th or sooner.

Door Lock Kits

  • If your ordered a door lock kit we have very low stock.
  • The next manufacturing run is scheduled for mid August.
  • If you have a current order in your product will ship the first week of August.
  • We apologize for the delay.

Front Door Sills

  • Front door sills for Charger, Magnum, and 300 all years are sold out.
  • Next run the 2nd week of August.
  • Delivery to start again late August

Original BT Pistol Grip

  • The original BT Pistol Grip are running low on stock.
  • Next run will be late August 2012
  • This item was designed in conjunction with our friends and customers at LX Forums back in the Spring of 2007. How time flys.

Original Billet Tech Hose Ends

  • Stock Levels for the BT catch can hose ends are running low.
  • Be assured we will have satin kits on the shelf the first week of August.
  • Color and polish staying on lead-times.
  • If you are waiting for black fittings we have had them at powder coat for 3 weeks.
  • We have now been assured they will be ready Monday.
  • We have a new source for this procees after this lot comes back.
  • This supply will fill us at least thru October.

5.7 Engine Inserts

  • We have 2 blanks left.
  • Next run in October.

Challenger Cup Holder Bezels

  • Stock is running low on these.
  • The batch is scheduled to begin it’s production run on August 5th.
  • If you have a current order in it will be filled and completed by the first full week of August.

Challenger Control Panel/Change Pocket Covers

  • These panel/pocket covers are running low on stock.
  • Next run August 5th.
  • All current orders as the change cup style will be filled by the first full week of August.
  • Control panels mid August as those need custom work.

Pedal Kits

  • Pedal kits are being run as demand is necessary.
  • We do have stock of some kits.
  • Please call if you are interested in a set, so we can provide you with the current supply and expected shipping date.

Lead-time Issues

We would like to address some of the lead-time issues the past 6 weeks or so. This has been an incredible summer for BT and we have you guys and gals to thank for that. Summertime means cars shows, Carlisle, LX & Beyond, and the Shin Dig. We usually project the demand for the popular summer products in late April each year.

Billet Tech estimates the need for the upcoming summer as a 10% increase from the prior year sales. Well our projections this year were way off, and you guys and gals surprised us with a demand we never thought possible.  Please be assured the Billet Tech Team is doing all we can to meet demands and to stay in the estimated shipping time frame.

New Machines: Same High Quality, Just Faster

Billet Tech is pleased to announce that we have two new pieces of equipment coming into our facility in early September. This equipment will speed up our engraving process and allow us to put parts out the door to you quicker and more efficiently than at any other time of our companies history.

Billet Technology will never sacrifice quality for the sake of quantity.  Our policy has always been if you want it right now we may not be the company for you.  Does that mean we don’t want your business? No it doesn’t.  The best compliments we get are when our customers tell us they feel like the product they received was made just for them.  In fact, that product was made just for them.

Our team reviews each order and machines that order to their specs.  We feel a great reward at the end of the day when we can make you something unique that is just your own.  After all our cars are unique and special to us so why not offer something suited just for you?!

Live Order Status Updates: Launching in August

Finally, we would like to let you know that the live status updates ( by line item within your order ) is very nearly ready to launch.  We have worked to a milestone chart to bring you a bug free custom order status experience that will show you and give you a virtual step by step process each order takes thru our facility. BT Live Order Update Screenshot

You will be able to send art work attachments to us within your order and we will be able to send renderings to you right within your order too!   You will even be able to instant message us within your order and we will be able to do the same to you.  This will allow a true paper trail within the order process.  We have a job to be accountable to you and your needs and this system will do just that!

This is a rather lengthy update, so thanks for staying the course and reading the info. We sure appreciate you and your trust.  We never take it for granted and will always do what it takes to earn your business, keep your business, and make you happy.

Thanks again,

– The Billet Tech Team

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