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Manufacturing Update April 18, 2016

Good afternoon folks, and thank you always for all of your support. In this our 10th year of the brand we simply cannot say thanks enough and please know we are always working hard to bring you the very best products each and every day.

We do have a few products we are out of stock on or low on, but for the most part we are in very good shape with inventory and we continue to build more each run as we begin to move into show season. We understand you want your products quickly, and we will do our best to move them through the process without compromising quality or service.

Many times you ask us why does it take so long, and the very simple fact is that it really doesn’t compared to what most people are ordering here at the facility. Just about every single order now has some type of custom twist to it, away from our standard offerings. Customs are our specialty here at Billet Tech and we are pleased to be able to offer that service to you. You may hear “intraweb chatter” about this or that, but the best information you can always get about us is to call us directly or email us.

Now lets get to the update!

Color Lead-Times Clear Anodize, and Green

Folks due to the dwindling demand on clear anodize we are moving that lead-time out to 4-6 from the date of ordering. We are only sending clear out approximately once every 5 weeks.

The same goes for green. We have limited quantities of green orders coming in and in order for us to be sure your colors match we must wait for a full lot to dip the parts. We have another round of green that will be going up to plate (anodize) later on this week and we will wrap up current business that may still be outstanding as of today by early May. As has been the case in the past the green often time will be all over the map, so its very important we have these pieces dipped together. Please understand we do not control the process there and for more information concerning anodize please refer to this helpful article that you can find on our website that explains the process further. What is anodize and how does the process work

Valve Covers Are Back!

Due to overwhelming demand we are opening a group buy for Valve Covers once more. We are holding the price over from prior runs. We do need a minimum of 12 orders to begin work. We have already secured the “drops” to produce 15 sets. Please read carefully as to what you can expect when placing your order.

• Proceed to the product to place your order here: Order Valve Covers Here

• Orders will be taken now through May 16, 2016

• A 30% material deposit will be charged to your credit card within 36 hours of receipt of your order. This deposit will only be refundable if we do not secure the minimum group buy numbers. The deposit will be non refundable after material is ordered. There will be no exceptions here.

• As a reminder if you pay using Paypal when checking out that payment is instant. We have absolutely no control over this feature. If you are in any way uncomfortable with paying in advance we urge you NOT to pay with this feature. The bonus of using Papal is you are able to use the “Bill Me Later” option when checking out that allows you to pay for larger purchases over time. If anyone disputes their transaction here prior to contacting us we will issue an immediate refund and cancel your order. No exceptions. We simply do not have time to chase payments on this product.

• Once the group buy closes we expect delivery will start in mid June on satin machine finish with color and polish delivery into late June. We know some folks will be wanting sets in time for Carlisle Chrysler Nationals July 15-17 (Team BT will be in attendance). We will have your orders shipped and ready in time for this event. Please be sure to let us know if you have any upcoming events that you are attending and wanting this product by and we will do all we can to accommodate your request.

Coil Pack Covers:

We have limited sets left on this most current run. If you are planning on ordering valve covers and do not have coil pack covers you may want to jump on these while we have stock left. We have less than 6 sets and depending on demand for valve covers we may do another run to accommodate orders. Please call us if you have any questions.

Fuse Box Covers 2005-2007 models:

We are shipping daily all finishes including customs. We have 8 covers left from the prior group buy that is wrapping now. If you are interested in purchasing one you Please click below to purchase. If you are interested in a custom box please email Nick Billet to nick@billettechnology.net for assistance
2005-2007 Fuse Box Cover

Uni-Strut Covers:

This is one of our best selling products here at the facility and we move them like hotcakes. This all original design is widely popular with our customers due to all the beautiful geometry involved in the actual part that simply is not captured in a photograph. Art truly meets metal with this item. With that said we have a very limited supply left in stock. We have material coming in the first week of May to begin another manufacturing run. If you are considering purchasing this product most delivery dates from this point forward will be in May. If you have any questions please give us a call.

Challenger Front Nose Badges / Rear Trunk Badge:

We have misc., finished items, please call us for information. Otherwise we have 5 blanks left in stock ready to be made to your specifications. Once we sell those out we will retire this product and offer it no more.

Shift Plates 2005-2007 Model Years:

We are pleased to announce that our customers have spoken and we listened. We will be manufacturing another round of shift plates for 2005-2007 Dodge Chargers, Magnums and Chrysler 300. Nag 1 models only. Manufacturing to start early May for May delivery. Please call with any questions.

Hellcat ABS Covers:

We are moving these at a very brisk pace as well. We have the bulk of the orders pretty much accounted for. However, all backorders will ship in mid May. We are manufacturing again right now.

Hood Prop Covers:

We currently are out of stock on this product. We have made an engineering change allowing for “one size fits all.” This will also branch out from Dodge and Chrysler vehicles too. We are very excited about these changes. This allows us to be sure that our product will fit, wihout having to worry about the “mothership” purchasing from different vendors on the factory part number that has caused us problems in the past with some fitment issues. Delivery on hood props will start again in Early May 2016. Questions? Give us a call we are here to help.

Fuse Box Covers 2012 & Up Jeep / Durango:

Folks we appreciate you patience and we are now running this product. We do realize some of you have been on backorder for sometime and we absolutely appreciate your patience. While we do sell this product, its not one of our top sellers and therefore, we have to wait to run them based on minimum requirements to move them to a limited run. We may move this product to a “group buy” moving forward after we sell out of the current production allocation. We should have approximately 9 units left after we fill current backorders.

EGR Deletes:

We have limted stock on EGR Deletes. Once we sell out of this run we won’t be putting them on the machine again until sometime in June. Please call with questions.


Material is in house and we are manufacturing again as of today. Delivery on machine satin will start week of April 25th with color and polish to follow approximately 7-10 days later.

Strut Covers “Devo” Style:

Another popular product here at Billet Tech. As soon as we make them we sell out. We are manufacturing now with backorders starting to ship again the 1st week of May 2016. Color and polish backorders will ship by mid May. Any new business will stay on lead-time as it relates to color and polish.

Cans all styles:

Catch cans run 18 hours pre day here at the facility. We supply and manufacture for MANY private labels, as well as producing our own for you. We do ship in order of receipt and have color and polish continually in and out of the facility at least once per week going to those finishes. If you need an expediated delivery on any finish please give us a call so we can help assist you. There is a reason why so many companies have “co-opted” our design quite simply it works and works well. We appreciate your business and will continue to offer you the very best product with the best options available with absolutely NO CLAMPS on any mounting locations. Its either a “factory look” or nothing here at Billet Tech.

Under Hood Kit and stand alone pieces:

We are in good shape inventory wise on all under hood pieces. Satin kits will ship within 2 weeks, color and polish within standard lead-times. We keep all caps IN BLANK due to the high volume of customization that is done on these bundles and individual caps. If you are wanting a custom theme we can accommodate you and are pleased to do so.

Manifold Baffle Covers:

This product is in manufacturing now. All backorders will start to ship the week of April 25th. All current business will stay on lead-time.

Challenger Sill Plates:

We are shipping the last group buy right now. Nick Billet is handling another group buy right now. If you are interested in getting a set please reach out to Nick via email to nick@billettechnology.net or give him a call 561-582-6171 for assistance.

That about wraps things up with this April update. If we didn’t mention a specific product please check the “availability section” within the product itself for the latest information. We make every effort to keep that current, and of course you can give us a call with any questions you may have.

Thank you again for your support and trust.

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