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Manufacturing Update June 2, 2016

Good afternoon everyone and Happy Summer Car Show Season. Its hard to believe we are six months into 2016. Time is flying and we always are mindful to say thank you for your support and trust. Through thick and thin we have the very best customers and we appreciate you.

Lets get started on this first manufacturing update for June 2016!

Anodize Bottlenecks Ending

We absolutely and sincerely apologize for the delays in the colors since essentially the middle part of March. We prefer to keep all our outside processing local to us in order that we can be on sight for any quality issues or delays that may start to take place. We are very pleased to let everyone know that not only can you expect to have colors match as close as possible now to each and every order you place but also that the delays should be ending as we have partnered with two additional sources.

This will ensure quicker turn around times, and also more colors! Not only will we be bringing back titanium but, we will also be offering true GWE (green with envy) Anodize, true sublime, fuscia, yellow, and yes, even though the purple has been fantastic for a long time we are pleased to let our plum crazy fans know that the anodize coming out on the next rounds will be almost a spot on match for plum crazy. We also will be offering “splash” and you will need to see it to see how very cool it looks. Stay tuned to the next Manufacturing update that will be chalk full of pictures towards the end of the month.

Catch Cans

Folks we run this product every single day we ship in order of receipt and have colors building each and every week on the shelf. This is our number one product and our private label business is booming with our clients all over the world.

Clear Composite Catch Cans are coming off material hold! We appreciate your patience and are excited to get those in your hands again.

Team BT is THE ORIGINATOR of the Hemi Catch Can as well as the catch can for the modern Hemi Market Place. There are many look a likes out there and or direct rip offs of our two chambered top but there is nothing like the real thing. Be it the original standard can or the blow off can’s for those boosting or those Hellcat owners going for more than just what the factory offers (check out our friends at Modern Muscle, High Horse Performance, BFNY Performance and True Street Performance to see what the Hellcats are really capable of with tunes and add ons). Thats when the blow off cans really come in to play. You won’t need one (blow off can) unless your pushing your Hellcat or your Hemi build at the track.

With that said we are shipping most satin catch can orders within 3 business days of ordering, and all color and polish should come in line this month to ship within 5 days of ordering. We will beat any price on any look alike product so give us a holler if you see one lower and we don’t’ gouge you on shipping.

Valve Covers

First cuts will start this month and we should be on schedule to start satin delivery by the end of the month. We still are keeping the buy open on our website, but hurry as we will be pulling that group buy down any day now. If you have any questions please give us a call 561-582-6171 or send an email on in to us with your questions you may have. We are mindful that Carlisle is coming up in July and we will have those orders filled for those folks attending the show in July (Team BT will be there with our friends in North Jersey Mopar).

Fuse Box Covers

All styles are back in stock in machine satin ready for your imagination to run wild. Interested in a custom design? Send Nick and email to nick@billettechnology.net and he can help you make it “Your Ride Your Vision.

PCV Covers

As quick as we make them we sell them out! All orders placed through May 31st are covered. Anything moving forward now we will start shipping again at the end of June. Interested in a custom like your fuse box covers? Just reach out to Nick and he can help assist you here at Team BT.

Unistrut Covers

We are manufacturing right now. All back orders will start to ship the week late next week in satin with color and polish starting the middle of the month. We will be in good shape inventory wise now moving into the busy show season now.

Devo Style Strut Covers

All backorders will be shipping by mid June. WE appreciate your patience our lathes are busy busy busy. We are going to sneak another run of these in between setups late next week. If you have any questions just give us a call.

Hood Shock Covers

We apologize for the push back on these as well. Our lathe department is slammed and we will have all backorders filled this month with inventory moving forward. We have material here and just need to get these back on the machine to wrap them up. These are now “one size fits all.” No more measuring required on your part. If you have any questions please call us.

Under Hood Kits

All under hood kits as well as individual caps and covers are in stock in blanks ready for you to customize to your specifications. We will remain on lead-time or sooner for show season.

Challenger Nose Badges

We have very limited supplies left please cal us. Once these are no more they will be retired.

Interior Parts

Folks we have plenty of shifters both T-Handles and Pistol Grips in stock in blank ready for you to turn them into something you like so give us a call if you are interested in a shifter. 2005-2007 Shit Inserts we have stock and extras after the minimum requirement was met so if you are also interested in those please let us know how we can help. Door lock kits we have limited kits in various colors give us a call or send an email to inquire. We will have inventory replenished by the end of the month including the new colors.

That wraps this update for early June. Once more if we can assist you with questions, or help you expedite for a show, or have something you wish to comment on please do not hesitate to reach out to us and give us a call or send an email on in. All links are below in the footer. Thank you so much.

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