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Official Announcement Regarding: Speedlogix

Official Announcement Regarding: Speedlogix

April 16th, 2014

BT Nation:

For some time now many of you have been caught in the middle of an unfortunate situation with Billet Technology parts ordered through Speedlogix. It’s come to our attention there are multiple stories circulating about the relationship between BT and Speedlogix, and why orders have been delayed. The information relayed to BT by Speedlogix’s customers much of it is incorrect, and this situation must be addressed.

As of today Billet Technology has terminated our relationship with Speedlogix, due to conduct we feel detrimental to the reputation of our brand, our products and business.

The relationship is at an impasse and simply cannot move forward.  We understand that customers will have choices.  As a team the BT staff felt it was better for everyone especially customers that this end today.  Trust is a delicate thing and customers have lost trust in BT through this misfortune and are being caught in the middle.

In the end, this conduct has affected you, the customer, more than anyone else with delayed orders, misinformation, and frustration.  It’s our job to earn that trust back by representing our brand from within and not relay on a parts reseller to do that job.  We are far from perfect but will do our best to make a situation correct.

When parting ways with any partner or situation it is important to look at key factors that played a role in this decision. Please note that there are no personal attacks against customers or parties involved.

Manufacturing Allocation

Billet Tech schedules machine time based on accounts that are performing, and keeping their accounts current. If an account is continually past due, or must be repeatedly reminded to make timely payments, manufacturing time will be curtailed to accommodate current accounts. Net Terms need to be paid in a timely manner, when they are not the trickle down effect takes place and curbs our ability to pay our own bills.

We have tried various terms (Net 30, COD, etc) to keep the Speedlogix orders moving out the door, and keep manufacturing allocation a priority.  However, Speedlogix regularly failed to meet the Payment Terms.

Is the account paid in full today?  Yes the Speedlogix account is current, though only for parts that have already been delivered to and signed for by Speedlogix staff.

All open Speedlogix orders are canceled.

We will not meet the demands of Speedlogix ownership to sell our products to them at a 40% discount (larger discount than previous) and Net 30 days terms based on the payment record only.

The end result from the consistently delayed payments, overdue invoices and extra leg work is Speedlogix’s manufacturing allocation was ultimately reduced, and their orders being placed on hold. This is not a new problem.

Information and Updates

Order Status Updates

Our vendor partners are no different than our individual customers who shop via BT’s online store, or call in an order. Whether one is purchasing for the first time, purchasing in volume, or on behalf of a client most orders receive order status updates as they progress through the manufacturing process.

The order status updates are sent via email (from orderstatus@billettechnology.net). It is the responsibility of the vendor partner to pass along the order status updates to their customers. If a the vendor partner neglects to pass the information to their customers, that is their choice, and we have no control over that decision. All we can do is provide the most up to date information as it relates to the manufacturing flow to our vendors and direct customers through the channels outlined here.

Manufacturing Updates

All of Billet Technology’s vendor partners are encouraged to use the manufacturing updates (word for word) that are posted on billettechnology.net and a link to those updates are provided on each invoice copy. It is up to the discretion of the vendor to pass along this information to the customers. The information in the Manufacturing Updates is provided in real time. Updates are posted every 4 weeks (on average) or immediately as needed.

Whether checking on where a batch is at in the pipeline or if one thinks an order may have slipped, the Manufacturing Updates section of the website is the first place to go for information and details. Vendors and direct BT customers alike, always have the option of contacting Billet Tech (via email or phone) for current manufacturing updates, product availability and order status.

At the end of our relationship with Speedlogix at the advice of our attorney we ceased communication with staff at Speedlogix (last couple of weeks) only providing basic and minimal information.  These actions were taken based on information we were receiving from customers and visitors coming into the Billet Technology facility.

Stock Status

All Billet Tech products display an accurate stock status in the BT online store. This information is updated weekly so that customers know when to expect their parts to arrive.

It is the responsibility of our vendor partners to stay informed on current stock status of BT parts that vendor sells. This responsibility has been communicated in writing to all of Billet Tech’s vendor partners.

Unfortunately, Speedlogix may not check the availability of parts for customers, nor did they pass along the Order Status Updates to their customers, or pass along the Manufacturing Updates.  Yes Speedlogix informed many of their customers that there may be an 8 week lead-time on parts, however, at times we are learning from Speedlogix customers directly  that false information was provided  leading to frustrations for all concerned no more so than for customers.

Order Entry and Mistakes

Team BT encourages each vendor partner to place their own orders. If orders (for vendor partners) are placed by BT Team members, vendor partners are strongly encouraged to review the order for data entry mistakes.

All orders that are placed by a vendor partner receive a detailed, itemized order confirmation via email (the same email where the order status updates go to).  Once again mistakes can and do happen.  BT shop personnel fill orders to the specifications that listed on each order.  This is not the fault, “neglect” or incompetence” of shop staff it is a data entry mistake and the mistakes will be corrected.  Its easier to correct them if an order is reviewed for problems prior to manufacturing the part(s).

If members of the BT staff enter an order wrong and the order is processed then BT Team remakes that order and in cases where there is an extreme delay to the customer the order is comp’ed at no charge.

The Billet Tech Team is certainly not immune to mistakes. When we make a mistake we will exhaust every avenue possible to fix the problem. There have been instances in the past where the team has missed entering an order or completely an or messed up an order. In those cases the order is comp’ed at no charge to the customer (goodwill).

BT has no control as to whether or not the vendor partner relays that information (parts need to be remade) and good will (no charge for parts) to the end client.

Next let us review the reports we’ve heard from customers.

Information, Updates and Order Status

The Stock Statuses in the store, Manufacturing and Order Status Updates did not improve the situation. We have been informed by customers that on several orders with issues the information was not relayed to the customer, or misinformation was given.

Partial Orders

Customers have told us the staff at SX is consistent in blaming BT for the slow delivery of items.   It is true BT products take some time to manufacture, then ship after the process is complete.  We are up front about our standard 20 business day lead time (possibly longer during peak times spelled out in our lead-time links on the site).  Anyone who wishes to visit the facility we can generate reports to back that information up.   When an order goes out past the 20 business days it may due to our suppliers being bottled necked, special events, and of course manufacturing allocation coming to a crawl when an account is non performing on payment.

There are many instances where the BT Team has sent out a partial shipment to Speedlogix.  Some times we can give an ETA on the balance sometimes not at the very minute thats why its important to keep current on the order status update emails.

Customers have informed BT that the partial orders are not being shipped to them.  Instead Speedlogix waits until the order is complete to ship, nor is SX relaying to it’s customers the lead time for order completion, reason for the delay, and at times good will.

There are instances where the parts could take weeks to be ready, especially if we are in between manufacturing runs, or there is an issue with a 3rd party (powder coater, anodize, etc) out of our control.

Instead of shipping out the partial order and relaying the information, Speedlogix’s customers are being told BT has not delivered anything, even though a partial order and information has been delivered. On several occasions, as recently as today, we’ve heard this same story.  Billet Technology is being blamed for fulfillment by Speedlogix. It seems that other Speedlogix’s vendors are being blamed as well through information we are receiving from customers that have taken the time to communicate with us directly via phone, email or personal visit.

As far as whether the good will (comp’ed orders or larger discounts) were passed on to the customer, we decline to comment.

Delivery of Parts

As Speedlogix’s account was continually overdue we had to hold finished orders and parts here at our facility until the invoices were paid and the account brought current.  We are well aware that Speedlogix customers were repeatedly told that the problem was with Billet Tech.

We also became aware that Billet Tech was being blamed for non delivery of non BT products that Speedlogix customers ordered.  We do not sell LED’s, carbon fiber parts, or performance parts.  We sell only BT parts,  We do not act as a warehouse or distribution center for other companies.  These type of instances came to our attention only after customers would call in asking for an update about a Speedlogix order.

For example a Speedlogix customer would contact Team BT for a status update.  Staff would inform that customer to go back to Speedlogix.  Only after the customer would come back to BT and send us the information on their ENTIRE order would we often times find out that our end of that order had been delivered or was being held.   This is when the client would inform us that Speedlogix was blaming our company for why the ENTIRE order was not being shipped.  This is unacceptable.

BT prefers to “drop ship” parts to our vendor partners’ customers.  It expedites the process and allows for careful packaging.  When shipment is forwarded to a vendor partner unwrapped (at their request) and then repackaged there can be cause for concern.

Finally for a number of weeks Team BT refused to inform Speedlogix customers that parts were held because of non-payment out of professional courtesy to Speedlogix.  Only when staff was threatened, and these other truths came to light was the issue readdressed.

Coming Soon: Knock off BT Parts

We are hearing from customers who question Speedlogix regarding the repeated tardiness of delivery, that they (Speedlogix) are having BT parts reverse engineered and sourced elsewhere to eliminate the “BT Problem.” This is unethical, and disrespectful to the R&D we have put into developing new products for the modern Mopar community.  We will not submit to Speedlogix request’s for additional discounts and terms when payment terms are continually not met.


Billet Technology has decided as a team to eliminate the “problem” today and retake control of our brand in order to serve you our customers.

BT takes the relationships with our suppliers and vendor partners seriously. The continual misrepresentation of our staff, company, competence and most importantly misleading customers ends today. Trust has been broken, customers are suffering, and we ensure that the bridge is rebuilt to you, our customers.

The information Speedlogix’s customers have been given is at best one sided, and in reality it’s a false, misleading attempt to pass the buck, rather than pay the bills. The calls and emails we have received from Speedlogix’s customers are simply astounding, and the issue had to be addressed.

The last thing your BT Team wants is for you, the end client to have a product on your car where you look at it and are pissed off about the process. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth and when the message is lopsided there in lies the misrepresentation of our brand, and our people.

Trust is a delicate thing, it should never be taken for granted. Working together to solve a problem should be paramount between a supplier and a distributor. When that relationship sours it’s best for the parties to part ways so that the customer does not get hurt anymore.

At Billet Technology our top priorities are our customers and the quality of our products. That is the reason our parts are made to order, custom products are our passion as well as the majority of our business.

In order to offer the variety of products, colors, and custom engraves, we make each part to order. Each and every BT part is made for the customer who places that order. Manufacturing, the finishing process and engraving take time. The alternative would be to offer fewer products, colors, finishes and engraves, and that’s not what customizing your car or BT is about.

Billet Technology stands behind everything we make. When we do make a mistake, we step up and exhaust every avenue to get the situation whole and the customer satisfied. Most of the time the issue can be fixed, if a solution can’t be found, it will not be from lack of trying on our end.

The Order Status Updates, Manufacturing Updates, targeted contact form and calls/emails returned within 24 business hours is proof of BT’s dedication to customer service. We invite you to visit our facility, a walk through our doors and you will see a staff dedicated to their craft and committed to you every step of the way.

The situation with Speedlogix has been escalating for some time. We hoped it would work itself out. Unfortunately it has not.

For those who ordered BT products through Speedlogix you must contact them regarding the status of your order.

This decision was not easy to make. Our position on this is clear and we hope we’ve provided you sufficient background as to why. This will be the only comment we make on this subject. For us, the path forward is clear and that is where we are solely focused.

You may view the official email from our legal team here:


You may download the official press release here:



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