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Tail Of The Dragon - Saturday May 3rd

Tail Of The Dragon – Saturday May 3rd

Attention BT Nation in and around the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Our good friend Bill Scata is organizing a Meet, Greet & Drive through The Tail of the Dragon on Saturday May 3, 2014. This event is in honor of Bill’s late wife Dana, who passed away from cancer last year.

For more information and to join in on this special event with other liked minded Mopar enthusiasts you can read more below and contact Bill for further details.

Although The BT Team can not attend in person, we will definately be there in spirit. We are envious of you all twisting through the Tail, HEMIs roaring, with “The Captain” Bill Scata and all you other folks on this special day.

If you can attend, we ask that you do.

From Bill:

Last July I lost my beautiful wife Dana to cancer and since then I have been trying to come up with a way to honor her life and her memory. When I think about it, the only passion that ever rivaled my passion for her would have to be the passion that I have for my Plum Crazy Challenger. So my initial idea was to put as many Plum Crazy Challengers on the Tail of the Dragon as possible. A Plum Crazy parade if you will, winding though 318 curves in 11 miles through the Smoky Mountains.

Then after thinking more about it, and talking to several people, I realized that it would be cool to have a ton of Challengers in every color of the rainbow on that mountain!

Then thinking even more on it … why not all Mopars that want to come to. Hell! Lets just get anybody and everybody. Come one come all!

So here I am trying to get some Challengers to join me on Saturday, May 3rd to run Tail of the Dragon in Deal’s Gap, NC.

Local enthusists in the Atlanta and surrounding areas we will be meeting up at The Robbinsville High School parking lot at 12:00 P.M. May 3rd.  That address is 301 Sweetwater road. Robbinsville NC, 28771

Check it out at Tail of the Dragon.

Please let me know if this is something that you would be interested in doing with me?

A very gracious thank you for your consideration to all my Mopar brothers and sisters.

Bill Scata
2010 Plum Crazy Challenger SRT8
Screen Name: STR8-PCP
Email: str8pcp@gmail.com

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