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Chris Clark’s Inaugural Edition 392 Challenger

Introducing our newest member into the BT Garage Chis Clark aka “TEXASKEYSTONE.”

Chris is no stranger to the Modern Hemi scene. His prior rides included a 2005 Dodge Magnum SRT8, a 2006 Dodge Charger SRT8 and a 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.  Each and every one of those fine rides had a variety of Billet Tech pieces installed.

Chris currently owns a 2011 Dodge Challenger Inaugural SRT8 and most recently he traded in his 2009 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 for a brand new 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.

Transplanted from his native Texas, Chris currently resides in New Jersey and is the general manager of The New Jersey Mopar Group.  Moving from Texas was one of the hardest decisions Chris had to make, but he quickly found out what most of us already know and that is Mopar owners welcome all.  Chris told us, “I honestly could not have found a better family or group of friends within The New Jersey Mopar Group.  There are no finer people that I know.  Little did I know that when I was first attracted to my modern Mopar’s that I would gain another family.”

Chris has a full array of Billet Tech products on his  Challenger and those products include:

  • Billet Technology 392 Challenger 6 Speed Under Hook Kit in Blue Anodize.
  • Billet Technology Throttle Body Cover Blue Anodize, Designer Cut, 392 Engraved.
  • Billet Technology Fuse Box Cover Blue Anodize SRT Engraved.
  • Billet Technology Challenger “Beverage Deletes” Blue Anodize
    • custom “TexasKeystone”
  • Billet Technology Catch Can Blue Anodize
    • Billet Technology Z Bracket Mount
    • Billet Technology black powder coated fittings
    • trusted BT vendor/partner Speedlogix supplied steel braided hose & clamps
  • Billet Technology Water Neck in Blue Anodize tapped for the 392 intercooler.
  • Mopar Cold Air Intake
  • Petty’s Garage Strut Bar.
  • Billet Technology Designer Series Door Lock Kit in Blue Anodize.
  • Billet Technology Designer Series Challenger A/C Knob Kit in Blue Anodize.
  • Billet Technology Cup Holder Bezel Designer Series Blue Anodize
  • Billet Technology Challenger Door Sill Plates Blue Anodize
    • custom engraved “TexasKeystone.”
  • Billet Technology Challenger Blue Anodize Window Switch Kit
    • includes mirror control kit.

Chris told us that he chose the blue anodize BT pieces, becaue he felt they would accent his Inaugural SRT 392 Challenger in just the right ways.  “One of the first things people really see when viewing my Challenger are the blue interior treatements,” Chris said.  “This is the very first time I have gone outside the engine bay with Billet Tech parts, and folks always comment on the pieces with my custom designed sill plates being a favorite of those viewing my car.”  My BT sill plates defintely got Mr. Ralph Gilles attention (the president and CEO of SRT) when he came over and chatted with me about my car at Moparpalooza.”

Chris later paid us the ultimate compliment when chatting with us about his overall impression when dealing with us thru the years.  “I got to spend a weekend with the BT crew in Washington DC recently,” Chris said.  “I was beyond impressed with their dedication to the Mopar enthusiast community.  It isn’t just a job for them.  They are a small family run business and they work hard and also work smart every day to be able to do what they do.  I can’t think of Mopar without thinking of Billet Technology.  I am looking forward to putting BT parts on my new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 here before the end of the summer.”

We are extremely humbled to know Chris and honored that he has picked our parts to put on his Mopar’s through the years.  As with many of our customers we have grown very fond of Chris.  This truly is not just a business to us.  Our business has served as a platform for us to meet some of the best friends we will ever know.  Chris being one such friend.