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BT Garage 004 | Levi Lewis' '06 Dodge Charger R/T | Agent 47

Levi Lewis’ 2006 Dodge Charger R/T | Agent 47

My 2006 Dodge Charger R/T came into my life in june of 2006 when I traded in my 2006 Charger SXT for it.  My R/T, now known as Agent 47, had been on the dealer’s lot since shortly after its birth in June of 2005. Already being an owner, I incorporated “mods” into the trade-in deal including, getting the better head unit in my SXT swapped to the R/T and the reversal of the trunk lid bumpers to stop the bumper cover rub issue that was plaguing these vehicles at the time.
Once home the true modifying began. 

I was already an active member on chargerforums.com and had used the vast knowledge base of the members to assist in many of my decisions to trade in the SXT as well as ideas to improve my R/T.  The first thing added were hood struts via my local Dodge dealer.  The second was probably the best mod I have ever added as it serves to protect my motor, a Billet Tech (BT) Catch Can.  Based on several reviews and technical evaluations from certified  Chrysler technicians, I had to have one on my ride.  And thus began a long and continuing relationship with one of the greatest business and group of people I’ve had the pleasure to get to know and call friends. 
Next came a few performance enhancements in the form of a muffler delete and an aFe stage 2 cold air filter letting her breath a little easier (and providing a ridicules sound at wide open throttle!).  I also added the cabin air filtration and was lucky to find that she came equipped with the Uconnect harness already installed allowing me to add factory Uconnect, both from Moparsupercenter.com. 
I like having “gadgets” in the car, but want things to be clean, as well.  Having 2 young children at the time I felt the need for some form of entertainment for them while traveling and happened to find a local selling a Vehicle Entertainment System.  A couple of phone calls later found me installing the system and forming a friendship that continues to this day.  I also eventually secured and installed a factory REC Nav unit and Kicker sub, keeping the trunk lines flowing and clean.
Over time, I continued to add to my BT products adorning my ride.  A friend taking stock of all the items asked if there as anything I didn’t have, and there isn’t much.  There is a complete under hood kit, fuse box, ABS and throttle body covers all in polished and engraved with “R/T”.  In the cabin you’ll find polished door rings, seat and lumbar switch covers, “T” shifter and speaker surround rings, the latter being a part of a one off run of 100 sets if memory serves me correct. 

You will also find black anodized designer series radio, A/C, headlight, turn signal, side mirror and cruise control caps, an “R/T” engraved shift plate and old school script “Charger” door sill plates rounding out the interior.   I also added BT to the exterior in the form of Mopar “M” wheel center caps, custom nose and a custom build data plate under the hood badge all in black anodized.
Speaking of under the hood, you’ll find a 3Gustomz firewall and ABS cover painted to match the body along with the over flow tank.  The ABS and firewall covers are back lit with RGB LEDs illuminating the “R/T” cutouts.  To balance out the engine bay, LED pods are located under the CAI and hidden under the hood to provide light for the airbrushed engine cover.  These are connected with pods in the trunk to light the custom trunk lid liner and the Agent’s tools of the trade.  You’ll also find a color matched Petty’s Garage strut brace to help with handling.
Outside,  the stock wheels were replaced with Mopar five spoke Magnum 500 black pocket wheels, a Danco chin spoiler in gloss black was added to enhance the front’s looks and a set of rally stripes I designed to be different from the normal center style.  I also replace the stock rear bumper cover with an OEM SRT and added 3″ chrome exhaust tips. Up front resides a full set of AAC color shift halos in the head and fog lights and a RGB light bar hidden in the grill. 

Stopping was improved with full set of slotted “R/T” rotors from R1 Concepts and handling was upgraded with a full dose of Pedders-ization.  And of course no car can survive the south Texas heat without tint and to cut down on wind, GTS low profile vent visors were added.  As a compromise to my family’s need for peaceful journeys and my need to hear the HEMI in its glory, DMH low profile exhaust cutouts were added mid ship giving me the best of both worlds. 
Inside the stock light gray leather seats were replaced with SRT seats and thanks to an interested friend, the SRT embroidered head rests were swapped with blank ones to keep the look clean.  Covering the VES lid is a leather Jina’s Embroidery special with the “Agent 47” standing watch.  Thanks to Jina sending the sew out sample, a matching piece stands in the center of the trunk lid liner. Completing the entire is a set of Stealth Auto billet peddles, and billet door lock pins and headrest spacers.
Protecting everything is a Viper remote start/security system that keeps me updated on the vehicle’s status and location as needed. And just in case anyone following hs any ideas, they will find a notification via the third brake light the she’s “Insured by HK”….just in case…
To complete the look for car shows, I undertook probably the most difficult mod project of the entire build when I decided to recreate the suitcase of assassin gear from the Hitman movie.  What began with a gifted unfinished speaker board emerged into the full display set in the trunk.  A lot of time was spent studying stills from the movie to understand the items in the case followed by countless hours of scouring the internet looking for items to replicate the case.  After all the times were collected, several more man hours were spent carpeting the speaker board, shaping and dying the foam and creating the decals for each item.  All totaled, it was a year in the making but well worth it when people look inside the trunk and see the set up.

Live, love & prosper!!!

Agent 47 Billet Technology Garage #004

Levi’s Billet Technology Mods

  • Billet Technology Under Hook Kit | Polished and Engraved with “R/T”
  • Billet Technology Throttle Body Cover | Polished and Engraved with “R/T”
  • Billet Technology Fuse Box Cover | Polished and Engraved with “R/T”
  • Billet Technology Catch Can | Polished
  • Billet Technology ABS Cover | Polished
  • Billet Technology Door Rings | Polished
  • Billet Technology Seat and Lumbar Switches
  • Billet Technology “T” Shifter
  • Billet Technology Speaker Surround Rings | Polished
  • Billet Technology Radio Knobs | Black Anodized Designer Cut
  • Billet Technology A/C Knobs | Black Anodized Designer Cut
  • Billet Technology Headlight Knob | Black Anodized Designer Cut
  • Billet Technology Turn Signal Knob | Black Anodized Designer Cut
  • Billet Technology Side Mirror Knob | Black Anodized Designer Cut
  • Billet Technology Cruise Control Knob | Black Anodized Designer Cut
  • Billet Technology R/T Engraved Shift Plate | Black Anodized Designer Cut
  • Billet Technology Old School Script “Charger” Door Sills | Black Anodized Designer Cut
  • Billet Technology Mopar “M” Wheel Center Caps | Black Anodized
  • Billet Technology Custom Nose Badge | Black Anodized
  • Billet Technology Custom Build Plate | Black Anodized