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Lone Star Mopar Fest
Johnny Bee's 2006 Dodge Super Bee | BT Garage #005

Johnny Bee’s 2007 Dodge Super Bee

We are proud to announce BT Garage Featured Ride #005. JBee’s ’07 Super Bee # 948/1000.

This heavily modified Charger was built by Tommy Pike Customs, and photographed by Burleson in 2012. The photographs turned out so well, that Burls had a hard time narrowing down the pics to a suitable number for the gallery.

JBee is a the president of SCLX (SpaceCityLX.com) a club which has been close with BT since the get go. SCLX hosts LoneStar Mopar Fest, and this club is a great group, which is reflected by it’s prez, JBee.

Welcome to the BT Garage JBee, we’ll see ya in October.

– From Johnny Bee:
I remember back in early 2006 seeing some of the materials around the new Chargers coming out at the time, of course I stumbled upon the Super Bee.

I began researching availability etc. I finally located one in the Houston area. I called the dealership and found out it was arriving within the next 2 days on the truck.

At that point I had made the decision that with my love of the heritage aspect of Mopar, growing up with my dad sharing stories, this was going to be the car for me. I contacted the dealership and told them do not touch the car at pre-deliver or to prep the car. I wanted to take it as it is.

So after a typical few hours at the dealership, number 948/1000 was heading my way.

This was in October 2006 and I have started to have some minimal interaction on some of the forums because I had a 300c and was looking for accessories.

I found a couple local Houston owners and rather quickly became determined to try to centralize with the people of these vehicles that spent time interacting online.

The first people I met were FreebirdSRT, Bo Bice. A couple of Cruise ins and we quickly started experiencing our cars together. I also met Rob David – who I had not seen since high school. Through an exchange of PMs and a brief visit one afternoon – that visit turned into some modding and then grew into a handful of people meeting together on a regular basis.

Assembling like-minded enthusiasts owners, became a focus and desire of mine. And with the help of those mentioned earlier and a few others we created Space City LX.

Thank you for the opportunity to be in BT garage.

John “JohnnyBee” Chiboroski
President/Founder SpaceCity Modern Mopar

Johnny Bee’s Bee #948/1000 | Billet Technology Garage #005

Mod List

Designed and Built by Tommy Pike Customs (Greenville, SC)


  • Vortex Supercharger
  • Magna Flow Exhaust
  • AMG Paddle Shifters
  • Lowered Suspension
  • 6.1 Forged HEMI
  • Billet Technology Catch Can | Polished


  • Billet Technology Under Hook Kit | Polished
  • Billet Technology Fuse Box Cover | Black Anodize with Super Bee Engrave
  • Billet Technology Nose Badge | Black Anodized Pentastar Engrave
  • Billet Technology License Plate Frame | Black Powder Coat
  • Billet Technology Devo Strut Covers | Polished
  • Retro Super Bee Theme with 70S Style Billboards
  • 1969 Fuel Door Relocated to Upper Trunk Deck
  • Shaved Rear Door Handles
  • Custom Matte Black Paint with Ghosted Super Bee
  • Tommy Pike Customs Design Ralleye Wheels


  • Billet Technology Seat and Lumbar Switches
  • Billet Technology Bee Hive Shifter
  • Billet Technology Shift Plate | Black Anodized Designer Cut Super Bee Engrave
  • Billet Technology Door Sills | Black Anodized Super Bee Engrave
  • Billet Technology Custom Subwoofer Badge | Black Anodized Mopar “M” 3D Cut
  • Billet Technology Headlight, AC, Radio Covers | Black Anodized Designer Cut
  • Billet Technology Mirror Switch Covers | Satin
  • Tommy Pike Customs Super Bee Interior
  • Tommy Pike Customs Audio